What would I keep

if I had an hour to decide ?

I do not know

What I would save,

what “stuff” would speak of my life…?

We had a little fire.

Not a great deal was really burned,

but when I asked my daughter what she wanted

it was

just a couple of little Irish dolls.

Now, some things she wanted

and they did get too messed up

but in the end, it was only pictures

and little Irish dolls.

I don’t take many pictures

School pictures still in the envelopes are for that.

Just sometimes ones of things that won’t come again

and if I forgot them, they would be really missed.

I am the keeper of the family items

My mother told me so.

Some things are in my home

Really, because she wanted to know

That once she’s gone those plates she made

will still be on a wall.

My kids don’t have any grandparents.

No aunts or uncles to claim.

They’ve never known family dinners

Unless it’s been 12 hours on a plane.

We have a few pictures of that

before everyone seemed to die.

I think I need to ask them

what items would be important to them

and if they don’t know a story


what they need to know.


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