There once was a Jack in the Beanstalk…

and he lived in the playroom of our house.

He climbed up high to the window

As the Knight watched from the Castle.

To make sure he didn’t escape.

Because he might swing to new heights,

with Rapunzel watching.

in a very messy playroom,

Now, growing upward on the roof

to someday make an escape !


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  1. love the story,
    the shots are amazing..


    Happy Tuesday.

  2. Nice and sweet poem:) Happy potluck:)

  3. hehe, cute and terrific!

  4. What a sweet combination of poetry and images — thanks for sharing this delightful post!

  5. very cute…

  6. love it.

    the shots are artistic and stunning…


  7. What a great way to stir your son’s imagination! Story time all the time.

  8. I don’t have children, but I’m in touch with their world through my 3 nephews.. gret pics too.. thanx for visiting my blag also..

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