Rule number 1.

Understand that most people know what is right for most situations.  They are unwilling to hold themselves accountable, therefor, they unknowingly do not do the right thing.

Rule number 2.

Understand that some people aren’t “really” happy for other people.  Therefor, they may point that out that you flew a crooked line, rather than see they are still stuck on the ground.

Rule number 3.

Understand that people who feel they are above you do not recognize they live with the illusion of substance.  Therefor, do not be concerned if they act as if they do not see you.

Rule number 4.

Understand that sometimes you only need a small break to get where you need to be.  Therefor, do not be afraid to go there.

Rule number 5.

Understand that you do not need to see every detail of something to comprehend what you see.  Therefor, make decisions quickly and move on.

Rule number 6.

Understand that when your ship comes in, you cannot be standing on the beach watching it go by.  Therefor, be where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Rule number 7.

Understand that there are simply things you will never understand.  Therefor, be grateful for the pause that nature gives us each day.



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  1. ha. there is grat wisdom in your rules…there is much i will never understand and that is alright…but watching my ship sail passed, not so much…

  2. Well stated. I like #3 the best.

    • Me too. It feels like I am surrounded by women who need to feel that they are above me for some reason.

  3. Nice photos! I’m curious, what’s the story behind these rules?

    • The basis for the rules is just that human experience. We’ve been in a situation for quite awhile where a small group has a totally different agenda from what I see as the larger good. The back stabbing, the infighting, the manipulation of money. Since I can’t do anything about other people’s behaviors, the rules are reminders for me in how to cope when those behaviors happen. I think I need to print this post out and put it where I will see it more often, since my first response is to fight back.

      • that makes a lot of sense. It’s hard to avoid emotional pressure, so I wish you the best as you pursue it!

  4. i like those rules especially the first three. your pictures are beautiful. 🙂

  5. So many wonderful truths here….love the photographs!

  6. oooh so much to take away from this one… i especially love the bit about the small break… and the part about living with the illusion of substance–that scares me; i’m afraid of doing so. i don’t want to waste my life. thank you for these, friend. wonderful link. xo

    • How we define substance changes constantly in our lives. Especially as our kids grow and we get older.

  7. inspirational. love your words.

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