Quilts on the go…

if the house catches fire, we need these two

for they represent a time when life was slow.

My grandmother, Edna Gertrude Honn Duckworth,

made them sitting on the stoop of a cold-water flat,

four children already here and asleep in bed.

Waiting for the last baby to come,

knowing that one baby was already dead.

The double headed hatchet gave no gain

The flower basket to bring beauty in the summer

as a lightweight counterpain.

Nothing but scraps in the 1920’s and no money to spend

She created something of beauty

to last until the end.




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  1. This warmed my heart. What a loving tribute. I love the quilt. I’ve never seen this particular pattern.

  2. Another beautiful quilt tied to an awesome story! They do tell a story don’t they?

  3. Just so lovely, the sentiment and the work. Quilts are such keepsakes that pass on such love.

    • I do have a couple of quilts that I am going to “dump” someday. An un-favorite aunt made them and she had no children. I think I may just use them up.

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