A shocking crime

was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all.


It is a rigid standard, I know.  To expect so much of others.

To not speak is easy.  To speak and earn ridicule is hard.

But to speak again

must be done

in order for those who can’t speak to win.

In this small church, where children were expected to speak up.

In this small church, there was a small group.

A vote to keep the preacher or not.

That’s what they wanted as they campaigned for their cause.

To decide if the man will stay or be cast out.


The church is Easter, Christmas service full.

Faces we don’t know, come to cast their vote.

Write on a small scrap of paper, to decide a man’s fate.

But wait!

I stand.

I say.

“I think if you are going to decide a man’s future…

you should…

say it..

to his face.”

And silence.

But soon, my dad, he stands too.  “I think that is right.  I have no problem with my vote being heard by everyone in the broad daylight.”

We stood there, alone, really for quite a while.  People try to decide if they can be brave.  And what it means to have a say, to determine a family’s life that day.


People decided they really can’t say no and the vote is by voice so that everyone can hear.

How did you vote?  What did you say?

And the hypocrite leadership didn’t vote what they said, when it was out in the open with everyone near.


At 15.

I learned to stand alone.

To speak up to create a way to atone.

The bad that people will do, and all us play a part.

But sometimes, and in some way, you must



Speak with your Heart.

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  1. oh, i love your words, the way you write, and the way you speak truth so beauty-full. i love that you linked up, too, my friend. bless you. e.

  2. i am absolutely blessed by your fortitude!
    as we are directed in proverbs – to speak up for those who have no voice –
    and in micah 6.8 – to do justly, love mercy & walk humbly with God – this He REQUIRES …
    well done young lady ! you are a gift & blessing !
    and an amazing example to those who didn’t but who know better !
    you honoured Christ ~ may He continue His work within you and prepare your life path before you …

    • obviously, it was a life changing moment. I’m trying to get things down, since my kids don’t really want to hear it, it will be here for them when they are finally old enough.

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