I would like to give some thought to these…

to take with us if the house catches on fire.

A bias.Wool.  Warm. made of Ties.

working daily in the tie factory

piecing bias at night.

A small face.  My father’s face.  My daughter’s face.

Lives on now, again.

Alice Miller Dorsett, motherless herself.

earning a living washing, cleaning, sweeping at 11.

bringing us bits of style and lets us touch


Velvet for people too poor for royalty.

Flowers for those who never owned land to grow them.

Diamonds for one who only had the glitter of dust on the floor.








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  1. they really are beautiful…we alll have those little treasures an the best are the ones that remind us of family…

    • Thanks. We had a small house fire a few months back and I realized my kids don’t know what’s family items and what’s not, since we live far from family. As older parents, the other generations are all pretty much gone.

  2. oh this is gorgeous. the faces that lend themselves to the other and the glimpse into a life: tie factory by day, quilter by night… i love the justaposition here. simple and evocative.

    • Thanks. We were so surprised to see how much my daughter looked like my grandmother. I never really knew her, so I didn’t see it until we started lining up the pictures.

  3. the quilts are beautiful, words divine. 🙂

  4. I just had to come back and ask, Who is Flylady? I saw you make reference to her somewhere in another comment, and I am curious.

    I love the treasures you have here, family heirlooms to keep close to your heart~fire or not. I guess we older generation do hold the family things more dear.


  5. phenomenal.

    and the tie quilt? I’ve never heard or seen one. How ingenious.
    I’m inspired.

    and also by the love here. oh my.

  6. oh, you make me reflect and honor generations past and i am humbled and in awe… beautiful. thank you so much for linking. xo

  7. Beautiful prose & beautiful quilts. My ancestors are quilters, passed down from mother to daughter. I am teaching my own daughters, now, too, to quilt (simple block style, but sturdy).

  8. beautiful quilts !!!

  9. What an amazing piece of work, and history. I’m so glad you linked up to The Airing of the Quilts party.

  10. The velvet quilt is stunning. Lovely photos.

  11. Lovely quilts and stories. Happy that the fire did no damage to these!

  12. I think my sister has the tie quilt. We also have some crazy quilts – they are so beautiful!

  13. Beautiful, just beautiful! The quilts and the stories! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  14. Your words were just incredible, and the quilts are beautiful. This was a lovely read, I’m so glad that I clicked over from the quilt link-up!

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