it was a fair day…

For going to the Fair.  Skipping some school.

A small state Fair, not prone to provide the thrills others get to see.

But when you were little, it didn’t matter.

Brother and sister now negotiate.

You ride this–I’ll ride that.

and Sharing tickets.

While hanging on against the forces provided.

To spend mightily while staving off the

end of the day and the return to the routine.

Moving on to the next spin doctors

As I stop think that I did not see this until I was just this age.

A Kiddie Land on the highway going into town

shared space with a drive-in movie, showing monsters and shaky sheriffs

next to a swimming pool that chilled even in the 100 degree heat.

being Raised by parents who never experienced a Fair

Life continued much the same

With patterns repeated of

Activities, sights and sounds.

yet, As the rain begins, we move

into the barns to smell animals we can’t identify.

And talk to the turkey, jump when the rooster crows and

admire the softness of the bunnies.

Heading home, feeling slightly sick

A sure sign that it was a Fair day.

Alaska State Fair

Palmer, Alaska

September 1st 2010

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  1. ha. sounds like a wonderful day…love going to the fair…we really dont havea great one where we are now…but back in the day…

  2. oh, staving off the end of a perfect, beautiful day… i know this well. yet i want it more. lovely link–thank you so much, sweet friend. xo

  3. Great picture for the “Spin” theme. The Fair~whether kiddyland off the freeway or the State Fair, we all have special memories. My husband still longs to go back one more time for the Minnesota State Fair and inhale the smells of roasting corn and Tom Thumb donuts.


  4. That’s a lovely fair day poem,

    beautiful imagery,
    skillfully done!

  5. Thanks for linking up at poetry potluck,

    Happy monday!

  6. Wow I love the images that accompany the poem, what a fair day it is!:D Wonderfully written, love your words =P

    Happy Poetry Potluck,my friend;D

  7. I was there in the moment and brought back so many wonderful memories, loved your photographs too. Thanks so much for linking with Poetry Potluck, your support means so much!! Hugs x

  8. You captured the essence of the fair beautifully and the last lines had me laughing – so true! A sick tummy the best measure of the fun enjoyed.

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