we speak in tongues…

and use words only those who belong understand.

Quite different from the Pentecostal worship of my childhood, although

“when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

We don’t run with rules, just routines

of a Shiny Sink to greet the mornings

(my mom always said, just as soon as I get that basement cleaned, she would…)

with order provided within the Daily Control Journal.

Spaces for public,

(my mom knew to throw everything in trash bags and take it to that basement)

and Spaces for private

to Room Zoom

(my mom knew if the doors were closed people would be too polite to peek inside)

So Hot Spots do not become an inferno

(my mom knew she had it just right here…let her look…she knew she saw it…)

quickly Swish and Swipe and Feed the Boys

with a Place for Everything

(my mom knew that closets would hold the outgrown clothing that grandchildren would someday wear and fabric for the quilts she was going to make just as soon as she cleaned up that basement)

with permission to wait for some things, until we are In That Zone

(my mom knew that if we didn’t really unpack, we wouldn’t have to bother packing for the next move)

because Perfection is something I’ve never seen.

(and just as soon as my brother got that basement cleaned out, he found the plate mom had always thought she lost and she mourned that loss for 42 years)

So, if the house catches fire, I have decided I don’t need to bother to take a damn thing.


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  1. these are gorgeous photos… i just want to keep looking… and that quiet spot; i can hear the pin drop. beautiful. thanks so much for stopping by my place.

  2. Hi there! Love to see your pictures!

    By the way, I’m the one from the Life with FlyLady blog and I’d love to add this post to my list of FlyLady blogs!

    In case you’re interested, you can find the list here:

    Add your blog by clicking here!

    Simply hit the ‘Add your link’ button at the end of the post and follow the instructions.

    Happy FLYing!!

    • Thank you for the offer. I am hesitant to link because I frequently write about things which are happening that are unpleasant. I’m not trying to bring in other people on these issues and some readers may feel they are being pulled into some type of personal fight.

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