The sound of silence

is missing as Fall draws near

“Close the window,” says Keelin. ” It’s noisy.”

So, we shut out the Holiday noise

of leaf blowers, while we wait for our fall to snow from the birch trees in the backyard.  Coming down and nestling

within the last of the blooms while the sun lowers on the horizon

and shines through, bringing them back to life.

While the weed whackers drone, we put those sounds with the plane

right over our heads as we admire the sky which hid from us all summer.

and moves us on toward winter and soft sounds where the snow comes down

and all of our neighbors’ hard work will be covered.  Until they bring out the leaf blower and blow away the beautiful white, silent snow.

roof top garden

September 6th, 2010

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  1. wonderful flow to your words…and makes me feel fall…i cant wait for the snow storm of leaves as well…a delightful read…

  2. But I’m not quite ready for that silence yet …

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