There are no deadly sins

or being human would be too hard.

It’s just easier for some

to have a religious list

By which to judge their actions mild.


There are no deadly sins

So bad they can’t be set aside

Or we could never experience life

with the free abandonment

To begin our passions as a child.


There are no deadly sins

Yet there IS one way to live.

You mother told you all along,

And with it, kept you from doing

too much in your life, too wrong.


There are no deadly sins,

which together can’t be fixed.

To live the Golden Rule is needed

To keep those we love safe and

in our Heart with all our garden paths weeded.


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  1. Excellent…I love the angle this poem came from…who would have thought of that…Wonderful write and great thoughts…hats off, 5star.


  2. great advice..

  3. I like the idea of a world with sins easily forgiven and easily leaving behind! Nice words!
    Here is my poem for sins:
    Thank you!

  4. Very beautiful poem.. no deadly sins.. wow.. which can’t be overcome.. liked your take..on the theme..its beautiful..

  5. You nailed it. Love is the answer, forgiveness is available for the rest.

    • forgiveness is something I find very difficult, but I still don’t think the 7 are any worse than lying, etc.

  6. true…
    we carry some on daily basis,
    let it be, forget and forgive, life is easier…

    beautiful job.

    • forget? not always the best sometimes since it gives others (and ourselves) permission to continue with the same behavior. not everyone even wants forgiveness–that would be admitting we did injury to another.

  7. LOVE the last line… powerful, and deep, friend.

  8. Love is definitely the answer!

  9. I agree with Suzi…love is the only answer…well crafted poem my friend xx

  10. This is great! My favorite so far. It truly shows the compassionate side as opposed to the fire and brimstone. I love it!!

    Mine are here.

  11. wonderful! i was caught by the idea of there being no deadly sin… what is sin after all, if not a convenience made by man?

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