Clean up on aisle 8…

but I couldn’t.

The tools needed missing

to repair the broken.

She, standing silent while he cursed,

and  slammed the rice to the floor.

Spirits shattered?


roaring into life and

removing her essence.


running  away down the aisle,

Hovering not far,

While he,

brings forward transference

to elicit counter transference of  my sympathy,

None forthcoming with my offer to

drive her away to a safe place , while he

holds tight the shatters to create a

Whole of his making,

while shoppers look the other way.

And they finally go,

All of the while

remaining shattered

and I return to my shopping.


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  1. whew. seen a few of those. write something similar about a year ago…it might have been aisle 8 as well…smiles. sad to see them so shattered….and for it to happen in public as well…it is beyond just broke…

  2. so sad…so terribly, terribly sad.

  3. oh wow ..this was powerful the images to match

  4. so much brokeness in this world.

  5. powerful..

    something good can always come out of sadness.
    excellent poetry.

  6. This world can be a crazy place…but there is always hope….you did what you could. This is truly a powerful and inspirational post. 🙂

  7. my heart aches and i cry out to God for situations like this, and all i know is prayer… your prose is prayer… thank you for this link, friend.

  8. This is something close to my heart. The brokenness of things, how to fix them?

  9. So sad when a parent or spouse looses it in public. I feel for the other person who cringes in shame at the outburst. Just pay the clerk for the damage and forgive your dear one who suffers so from your action of breaking her heart.

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