“She didn’t fear anyone enough to lie to him.”

A quote by Maya Angelou

in hallelujah! The Welcome Table.

When Order is maintained though fear,

The natural consequence

is for people to spend energy;

Removing suspicion,

Redirecting inquiry,

Covering up the impotence


Having no Power.

When Order is maintained through;

Welcoming others,

Communicating with each other,

Supporting each other,

Speaking up for each other,


Collaborating together

There is no Need for fear or lying



is where

It belongs.


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  1. love the quote.
    insightful writing.

  2. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

  3. In case of emergency, break glass. Scream. Bleed to death

  4. there is a huge difference between the two that is not always noticable to the ones that think they got it right…

  5. i love your perspective, friend. always so unique and challenging.

  6. well spoken and true

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