There once was a classroom…

where a little girl did not want to go.

And day in and day out, she cried.

So, the teacher, Harvy Christie,  ignored the mom.

The principal, Ben Hardwick, said, “you’ll just have to come observe.”

Another teacher, Ms Jolin, said, “I’ll listen to a parent if it’s a valid concern.”

And the Superintendent, Carol Comeau,  said, “Yes, I got your letter about the children being hit by the teacher, and I chose to ignore it.”

And  Powerlessness became Real.

The mom wanted to hit the teacher but she would be arrested with a Felony.

The teacher knew he could hit the children.

And good people stood by and said, “It’s easier not to believe this.  If I believe this I will have to do something.  What would we do?”

No one takes responsibility.  No one makes it right.


the mom said, “I’ll just go to 9 PTA meetings.”

Just nine.

and she learns that there are people all over the World who say,

“We know what to do !”

“Let us teach you.”

And they did.

But the Superintendent got very scared, because…

What if…

Parents learn they have rights ??

Grandparents learn they can be valued ??

Aunts and Uncles learn that schools are for everyone ??


The Community learns there is





conflicts of interest,

collusion, and graft ??

I ask you,

What would someone do…

To make sure the


do not become



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  1. A thought provoking poem about a serious concern. A one for imperfect prose where there are a lot of mothers with young children.


  2. i am glad she stood up because some one has to and when enough do…people hear…

    • interestingly enough, they don’t. it’s easier to ignore. and standing up cost me my job as a teacher with the very same school district.

      • I am so sorry and so disappointed to hear this.

        I applaud you for doing what you did and for posting this. Both take courage.

        Having said that, I recognize that acknowledgement doesn’t make up for the loss of a job or for the abuse of children, or for an unresponsive and irresponsible system.

        All blessings and good wishes to you. The children in the photo are lovely.

        Poem on … Fine work.

        • The system has not changed, only perpetuated itself on a large scale. The kids are quite a bit larger these days.

  3. yes. amen and amen. we need to stand up and do something. i love this post, and the way your words rally us together. beautifully done.

  4. this poem leaves me curious. what happened next?

    i was seriously bulled by the students, teacher and principal at the small christian school i attended. when my mother tried to stand up for me, the principal attacked her causing a nervous breakdown. it was horrible. this post strikes a chord with me.

    • it has been hard. we moved to different schools, I lost my teaching job with the district and that meant the health insurance went also. We have had huge medical bills. The Superintendent has tried to shut down Units and silence administrators. It hasn’t worked, because eventually people do hear you.

  5. What a crazy story! I’m starting a new project for social development in an extremely disadvantaged conflict-ridden region of Africa, and this is a sobering reminder that change doesn’t happen overnight. But way to fight the good fight. Change sometimes takes decades or centuries but I so appreciate those who fight for it.

  6. they are so cute…

  7. welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!

  8. Very well done Dear!!
    Not only have you crafted a beautiful composition but about something very sensitive.. 🙂

    For some reason I couldn’t visit your About Page.. 😦
    Love xxx

  9. That was a very heartfelt piece of writing. Very interesting to read.
    I’m here from Sunday Scribblings!

  10. And the good people stood by…

    That seems to be the default setting on humans. :o(

    • the default settings on humans–what a simple way to explain what I just cannot grasp!

  11. er, that was supposed to be a sad face in the comment above

  12. Huh? Teachers hit students? Did that really happen? oh my. How disturbing! I hope I’m not just naive but I know this wouldn’t fly in my house… ack!!

    • Yes, it really happened and the Leadership of the school district knew it was happening. And when the Leadership of a school district with 50,000 students will not act, I can tell you,–you have to get to a safe place then start yelling. Loudly.

      The Superintendent’s remarks are on audio tape. Maybe someday, someone will want to hear that tape.

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