The Whys…

Do people forget that my child is not their child?


Do people not take the time to know from where my child comes?


Do people think this child is separate from me when he walks through a door?


Do people not reach out to meet and know us?


If I reached out first, do people turn away?


When I ask, do you not answer?


Do you answer but I cannot yet understand?


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  1. your last line, the understanding part…yeah, that might be me too. sometimes it takes a while for me to “get” it.

  2. that first line–how it grabbed me. hard. poignant reminder. happy thanksgiving, friend. xo

  3. So much to ponder here. I remember moving and wondering some of the same things. It is hard to be uprooted.

    I love the way you placed the “whys” in your piece.

  4. I hope it’s the last one, about not yet understanding! Because that’s a good thing… a mystery to be solved little by little.

  5. lovely wonders.

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