I chew it up…

over and over,

to grind down the gristle

of the hurt.

Remove it…

by repetition how a sunburn peels

away the layers

Showing the tanned, tough hide.

Spit it out,

once again, to examine

the smallest detail.

And soon.

Bury it where it belongs.

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Color My World…

into all shades of pink,

with rapidly changing

brilliant hues of ink.

Color my world,

with this ever-changing view,

Make it one, No… quickly

be sure to make it two.

Color my world

with breathtaking news

Push it out wider, Yes…hurry

to create a new part of you.

Color my world

Bring it into my place.

New dawning, new colors

and I Feel blessed by its face.

winter sunset out the kitchen window

December 27th, 2010


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Nothing ever really disappears…

Prompted by those who went before us.

Persuading those who will come after.

The mark is left,

in just a single moment in time.


With indelible nuances

We never, even see.

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The Word…

for 2011 will be…


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Speed Limit…5

How could I possibly go slower?

Waiting for answers to questions which haven’t been asked.

For asking means a struggle,

Met with silence to cement the absence of leverage.

Leverage, to play for power?

I cannot wrestle with my treasure so close,

pulling the power to come back,

it all comes back.

So I take it.

I take the power that is rightfully mine,

I take it and send it out again,

and again.

Standing still while the chaos reverberates

Around me, moving to seek her level.

Which will not be found.

With new waves creating new energy,

tentacles exploring new creations.

but first, I must find the instruction book.


Family Challenge…at the museum

The toys were supposed to play

The museum was shutting down.

They didn’t seem that special

to take on a secret life uptown.

I snapped her picture really quick,

Before we went out the door,

Nameless, faceless

She couldn’t speak to me

Just like an ancestor who had come before.

I chose her for that reason

A secret family past

No one know who she was

Part Cherokee, never wearing Plains dress

passing on the black hair, eyes and short height,

Passing for white

Still evident in family on this night.We’ll never know.  No one kept track.

Lost to history and to shame.

But a little part of her continues to live

Even without a trace of her name.


Anchorage Museum Antique Christmas Toys

Anchorage, Alaska

December 21. 2010


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Just shred it…

Beef or pork sandwiches,

doesn’t matter.

One top sirloin, chuck or flank roast

in the crockpot

with  a cup or so of salsa and some chopped chipotle (canned works fine)

Cook for 12 hours on low until fork tender.

Pull out and shred removing any fat areas.

Put back into the sauce.

Serve with toasted buns,  fruit or salads.

Variations are endless with bbq sauce or any type of sauce to keep the meat moist during cooking.

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Light a single candle…

a simple act of faith.

Reminding daily.

Representing knowledge for most

which is unknown.

Always to have known that You can.

Always to have seen Your inner core

Usually hidden,


Knowing, it will heal when beaten.

To be used again.

Light in darkness.

A simple thing.

My grown up Christmas list…

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Just squint…

Move to the right.

It becomes a Holy Night.

Move to the left.

Everyone is near, you are not bereft.

While planes meet and once again diverge?

Reasoning holds no place,

Head cocked, waiting.


for words that leave.

They come again, changed.

Just as I forever will be.


neighborhood Eagle, in College Village

Anchorage, Alaska

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What did you think…

when you didn’t wake up today?

Were you surprised?


Or did you have more to say?

What did you do

when you didn’t wake up today?

Did you take in the sunrise

From the light side of the universe,

Or is that too

just a cliche?

What did you feel

when you didn’t wake up today?

Scared, tired, nervous?

or pleased

to have no further debts to pay?

What do you now know,

since you didn’t wake up today?

Is it all for nothing?

Let us know,


Some way.


Maudie Meads, passed away, one am December 13, 2010 in

Clinton, Mo

Sunrise, 10 am 12/13/2010 Anchorage, Alaska


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A sound which is silent

repeats its song for me.

Talk to me, Stay silent

The message will come in three.

I see this again, and I know it is true,

Although gone  now missing,

it Remains within my view.

a Silence so heavy

with Weight light as air

Between us it lingers between




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Trial by fire…

we have heard that over again.

What’s it really mean,

What emotions must we spend?

Playing chess

With players unknown.

Seeing  the rules

by learning to atone.

Our price is really not so great,

a heartfelt apology to supplicate.

The greatest task which would ensue

the greatest changes between







Life Happens

I went to call my mother.

It was her birthday, you know.

She said, if I ask how you are you’ll just say “we’re fine.”

I said, if you want we could be stuck in the snow.

Life happens.

I put up the tree, excited at last

To not have too many small hands with this chore.

No fights over who has to set up the lights

And now the star’s lost it’s special LED cord.

Life happens.

There is finally time to bake pretty houses from scratch

with molasses now filling the air.

The youngest, he says, “I’ll make mine old school,

with antennas sticking out here and there.”

Life happens.

The house is all decorated

It’s as fancy as I get

A pillar candle in each front window

will be gone in two days from the outset.

Life happens.

But now with this season in swing,

I dream of a unique furlough

with jeweled clothes and shoes all ready in the closet

There is just no where special even to go.

Life happens.

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