Speed Limit…5

How could I possibly go slower?

Waiting for answers to questions which haven’t been asked.

For asking means a struggle,

Met with silence to cement the absence of leverage.

Leverage, to play for power?

I cannot wrestle with my treasure so close,

pulling the power to come back,

it all comes back.

So I take it.

I take the power that is rightfully mine,

I take it and send it out again,

and again.

Standing still while the chaos reverberates

Around me, moving to seek her level.

Which will not be found.

With new waves creating new energy,

tentacles exploring new creations.

but first, I must find the instruction book.



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  1. “I take it and send it out again”– love the power in this line and in this poem. Neat ending, too!

  2. well composed, thanks for the thoughtfulness.


  3. Mesmerizing I think my mouth might have been hanging open lol I love the images, the dynamics and as someone before me mentioned I love the concept of give and take

  4. Extraordinary lines ,The end lines,”but first, I must find the instruction book.” was really brake kind of thing you had given to the energy flow there in your poetry…hahaha

  5. Actually the brilliant brake you gave to the energy poetry was really gr8 one….Final line was wonderful
    “but first, I must find the instruction book.”

  6. I really love this poem. Good work!

  7. I love that last line!! Pretty much tells it all for all of us!

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