Noodles…plain and simple.   Poor people food.

Flour, eggs, salt

mix together 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, some salt, a bit of water if it is too dry.  Or use less flour.  Or use another egg next time.

Roll it out quarter-inch or less thickness (thinness?)

Roll into a jelly roll and slice fairly thin.

Spread over the counter to dry while fixing the cooking broth.

Brown small beef cubes, chicken, etc.  Use appropriate broth.  Beef=beef broth.  Mushrooms=veg. broth.

Bring to full boil before adding the noodles.

Drop noodles into boiling broth in small bits so they don’t clump together.

Simmer 30 minutes or so.  Test by tasting-there shouldn’t be any doughy line in the center when you bite through the noodle.  Thicken with flour and water if needed.

Make them thinner, or thicker even for dumplings.  Good stuff.

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  1. Whenever I make pasta, I feel like I’ve made a major accomplishment. Fabulous!
    A friday’s favorite for sure 🙂

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