Hey my golden girl…

I put some gold up for you,

hoping life would be gold all around.


I can’t get you good teachers.

They just can’t seem to be found.

I didn’t want you in those rooms,

when they show such lack of respect.

Is it too much to ask for,

that you are worth more than those “things”

just right below your neck?

PE posters in your school state, “I’ll shave your legs, then I’ll shave your butt.”

Tell me these people

think you are worthy of only one thing

and it’s an age-old, age-old rut.

You are worth more–let’s learn it well this year.

Because if you cannot–


will be very hard, I fear.



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  1. such love here, gloria. beautiful.

  2. This made me chuckle. Real truth communicated in an appropriately down-to-earth manner.

  3. Oh fun… A sweet poem, for sure!

    I am glad you linked up at Three, but would you mind, terribly, including our button in your post?

    Thanks so much – it’s lovely to meet you!

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