Did I say I wouldn’t fight?

I believe I’ve changed my mind.

I’ll give it all the fight I have

So long as you don’t get near those, whom I call mine.

Hidden in this schoolhouse,

corruption came to pass.

Documents written,

on children not present,

to reap the taxpayers task.

I tried to say that standing watch

of swinging or playing ball,

Was not the direct instruction

which should have been afforded to all.

Inside this school the children cowered behind me,

the danger they sensed too soon.

The staff was hurt, broken bones, splintered hopes,

No certified sped teachers in those rooms.

I said, no more, behind this window,

she pinned me into that space.

Just get the money with trumped up schedules

was the only point of the race.

Bars of silence,

Forms all for fraud,

And so it was in the end,

Services not provided as Law stated,

with ASD Administrators the only ones

who stood to win.


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  1. This was very hard for me to read. I live I Tucson. A friend was shot. I adore Gabby Giffords. This hit so close to ho,me.

    • Can you tell me the connection to this writing?

  2. Wow, powerful words, so much at risk, so many futures await losses to come, waiting for some super hero to step up and grant them the wish of future lessons. Great post!

  3. hmm.. great write although i dont get the gist of the issue concerning this school.. here’s my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/11/29/cinderella-for-a-man/

    • This school is a special education school and the kids are to get direct instruction from a certified special education teacher daily. The school administrator demanded I complete documents falsely stating this was provided, which brought in large amounts of State and Federal funds. It was fraud. The conditions in the school were dangerous, and our Union ignored the information. Staff were being hurt, with broken bones and needing surgery. I pulled the dangerous duty clause and refused to do recess duty, which was the only time these kids were with a special education teacher (me.) Life was miserable and I ended up on sick leave for a year, then blacklisted and not allowed to apply at any other school. Then fired.

      The School Board does not want to hear any of this.

  4. What a very sad statement on the state of affairs required to get that federal funding. I’m sorry for your experience and I hope that you’ve found a better job.

    • No, there is only one school district here for 50,000 kids. Once blacklisted, always blacklisted.

  5. thoughtful…

    you have hit some sad facts here.
    well done.


  6. Powerful poem, filled with pain and disillusion. Thanks for the read.

  7. Oh my God! What a deplorable state of affairs. I am so sorry you and those poor children went through this. I know this sort of thing leaves an indelible mark. Holding you in heart and prayer … Glad you feel you can write about it.

  8. ugh. hard to fight beauracracy…but someone has to do it…glad you stood up…

    • I have never understood what leaders have to gain by treating the underlings so badly. Power? They would still have power and be part of a positive process, rather than spending their energy hiding their “sins.” Some day I hope to meet the people who are in a position of power and will speak up with me.

  9. There is a time to fight Good for you. You fought for those kids and now, in this poem, you are fighting for yourself.

  10. i’m so glad you’re there to stand up for them, gloria. xo

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