small pieces, now when ripped apart

retain their meaning, no matter how many pieces remain.

the edges become ragged, softer and don’t cut so quickly

yet, they continue to say the same.

no matter how many tears happen

there is no love,

without a demonstration of love,

which can be seen

along the edges of time.

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  1. that is so creative! The whole poem is beautiful 🙂

  2. That’s a clever idea! Maybe make the font larger, it’s a bit tricky to read in places. Nice idea in the words too.

  3. Very creative but it was hard for me to read. What if you re-posted it with the poem duplicated below the image?

    • Good idea. I’ll do that and see about remaking this again on picnic. I think I just picked a bad font.

  4. lovely and a great idea with the torn paper! thank you for this! my late potluck haha-

  5. A creative poem at last! loved it so much ..things do not lose their innate meanings even if they have been ripped into pieces.. lovely. I am thinking about it and it applies to life so well.

  6. This is really cool!

  7. beautifully written and the way that you illustrated, brilliant!

  8. excellent…great verse and love the presentation in the torn page…

  9. Intriguing. And now I will have to think about it a little while.

  10. nice poem, like the visual of the torn pieces…

  11. So true….i love the way you put this one together….a beautiful lesson. 🙂

  12. So cool, and did you say you did the words on Picnik? I’m impressed. I thought you had written it out and then took the pic. I love great marriages of written word and visual.

  13. there is no love, without a demonstration of love….

    brilliant. love the ingenuity of this post, too!

  14. super brilliant message here.

    Happy Writing..

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