It’s coming soon…

that time again
to pat each other on the back.
Teacher Appreciation week says
we should thank even those missing
the “teaching, caring” knack.

I never got a thank you card, remembering when
a parent said, “My kid enjoys your class.”
I still treasure that time
No one else ever knew,
but It made my heart light shine.

I never got a special award
For making my boss look good.
I only took a lonely student
Trick or Treating all around the neighborhood.

I never got a merit raise,
My students didn’t test too well.
But I did make sure they had my phone number
And knew they could call me, if they ever fell.

Some students never knew my name
and really, I didn’t always know theirs,
but my efforts live in pictures
of their graduations and prizes at science fairs.

We didn’t have much school spirit
in hospitals and the prison.
but, I hope in adulthood, they’ve found a life
which has a meaningful rhythm.

I believe all children do deserve
the very best of us.
Not being told to please these teachers,
while others standing watch
With children only learning distrust

Now, I am supposed to say some thank you,
cook a lunch and buy some gifts.
I don’t believe that matters much. It never did to me.
Demanding accountability for all those adults
Is the best thank you for “good” teachers
this Mom can really see.

The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.

~Thomas Babington Macaulay


It’s been a year now…

since I moved the cup of pop
Away from the left rear wheel.

A year since it was said, I’ll be gone the first of July.
A year for something that will get you sued in three years.

A year.

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