What was the point, really?

There was never a way to make it right.

The meeting was taped, the tape transcribed.

And when I said, “We shouldn’t have to move to get our kids to a safe school.”

Carol Comeau knew that we had put our children into the very school where a sexual attack had happened only a few days before.  And she knew that parents in Rogers Park Elementary were never going to be openly told that it was at that school.  And that the negligent teacher would not be removed from a classroom.

And our children are not safe in any school, due to the cover-ups of abuse by Anchorage School District employees.


December 15, 2003 and it’s already the second complaint about Ben Hardwick

and here is what I attached to the form.  And the response from ASD was pure BS.

And when questioned about the teacher who would dump the student’s desks on the floor, Carol Comeau stated it was just a misunderstanding–that the teacher sat on a corner of the desk and it tipped over.  Jack said, “So, she says I’m lying.”  Yup, that what the woman basically said.  And my child has always known that Carol Comeau will hide the behavior of adults rather than protect children.

So, sue me.

The Municipal Ombudsman’s office did not respond to concerns of child safety at Bayshore Elementary

and I just could not understand why people all got the same letter…and…not…one…person…responded…

So, here’s the rest of it—months before it got sent to the School Board.

Now, did they get it?  Well, yes.  After another parent spoke about the same concerns and could not get a response from the Ombudsman’s office, Mike made sure it went again.

But we still never got a response.

You just gotta love certified mail…

To which, not a single one of them responded.  Not. A. Single. One.

I said this before…

and no one wanted to listen.

It made me MAD.  Yup, mad.

I mean, no one would listen…

and I wrote it down, said it again

and sent it in letters to the head honchos…and no one would listen.

Schedules for Level III IEP disappear?  No problem.  Just make up anything for the State audit showing the kids were with a certified sped teacher.  Don’t know the teacher, don’t know the kids?  Don’t know if they ever had that schedule?  No problem–just have certified people filling in the blanks when any temp could it.  Like people didn’t know the State was going to ask for schedules?  Better they disappear.

A building full of children with emotional and conduct problems and it was dangerous under the leadership of Colleen Castaneda and the AEA knew.  Marion, our building rep tried to get them involved and they ignored her.

So, I refused duty due to dangerous conditions.  And not a single person from AEA investigated my refusal.  Not a single ASD Administrator investigated the conditions in that school and the Whaley staff were hurt.  Domino effect.  Bang, bang, bang.  What a long, hard year.

So, I don’t want to come to work two weeks before all of the other district teachers.  Then you’ll be fired, she says.   Applying for Dept. Chair positions–no, ASD brought someone out of retirement to fill that spot.

Work harder.  Out of 18 teachers (some only subs) only 4 are certified in sped.  I am to supervise over 100 programs, while only being a .5 staff position.  And I refuse to put false information on the forms stating that these kids are getting daily direct instruction by a certified sped teacher.  They did not.  Colleen Castaneda state that every minute at Whaley is instruction, so if they only see a sped teacher doing lunch duty–the kids are getting direct instruction.  No, I say.  That is not instruction, that’s a sped teacher standing watch, without knowing the child’s name or IEP goals.  That makes the kids Level II not Level III.  And the administrative rep in those meetings refuses to even sign the IEP.   Vicki Race won’t sign those IEPs, so I write on the IEPs that she was present and refused to sign.

Wait, people.

This is costing ASD big bucks if they can’t get Level III money.  Discipline time.  Now, since when does a principal call the AEA rep to come to a meeting?  And the AEA rep shows up?  Of course, I was not notified of the meeting.  So, I told Debbie O. I’d meet with Jerry and Cindy, but not with Colleen Castaneda, since she didn’t follow the rules. And she is made to leave.  And in this meeting it is pointed out how one teacher sleeps in class, another teacher states that she’s regular ed teacher and shouldn’t have to do the special ed stuff, another teacher hits the panic button and is painting her toenails when we go in.  Please, people. I believe an appropriate education is not being provided due to teacher incompetence.

And Jerry states, “Gloria is usually right, she just goes about it the wrong way.”  I’ll accept that as a decent assessment, but lying–is there a right way to go about that?

Cindy Anderson must have come up with a plan.  If I am not allowed to be at the IEP meetings, I can’t sign the IEP–therefor I can’t supervise and put Level II on the paperwork.  Department Chairs are told not to discuss any students with me.  I am to churn out IEPs, while other’s attend the meetings and sign.

And someone else put Level III, even though those children did not receive daily direct instruction from certified special education teachers.  And staff got hurt and no one investigated.

And that was that.

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