Time to go…

my voice clearly said to me.

I looked around and

did not accept

what was revealed for me to see.

I said that I don’t like this

My response to you was NO.

Information was withheld,

like if I knew in time

out the door we would go.

I thought I explained that I

would take her in a heartbeat.

She’s much too precious to me

to ever Leave with those I  know

and have demonstrated they mistreat.

But words weren’t spoken and letters weren’t read.

Which wasn’t someone’s right to do.

We should all get to choose what works for us

And divergent paths to follow will probably ensue.

My view is odd, I know it’s said,

but others might say it, having tried to openly speak.

no one listening or at least don’t show it,

What does it take or

Were you?

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