Do you ever wonder

why you are here?

When there is so much

to see and do

 why here and not There?

Do you ever wonder

what’s to be ahead?

When really all you want to do

is stay asleep longer

in the dreamland of bed?

Do you ever wonder

when you’ll finally be done?

if what you are doing

isn’t really

all that much excitement and fun?

Do you ever wonder

who is really to blame?

Or does it even matter

if the end result

justifies the game?

Do you ever wonder

where this will all go?

Which direction it is headed

and is it for me to guess

and Only for You to know?


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  1. I have so many questions but I think its a lot more fun that we have to discover answers most of which will find we knew all along anyways lol

  2. True True..Even I wonder abt d same also many things.. 🙂

  3. love your wonders.
    beautifully expressed.

    Glad to see you at poets rally.
    have fun today.


  4. i do wonder

  5. For a moment there, I thought you were channeling A. A. Milne.

  6. Loved the questions raised. Let’s keep wondering, one day we’ll surely find the answers. 🙂 Nice poem.

  7. Wonderfully written! Some very poignant questions in your poem~!

  8. Yes I do! 😉 Thought-provoking poem and a great ending.

  9. I love this piece!!!! Well written!

  10. yes yes I do. This is why I write 🙂 nicely done

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