Someone at the middle school

gave a set of keys to me.

They opened the vault, the office,

anymore, and I was afraid to see!


How could they give out the keys

to a parent volunteer?

Incompetent, as my husband said,

they should

at least get a very big kick in the rear!


I gave them to the principal


He seemed a bit surprised.

I guess people were doing things behind his back,

is the best I can surmise.


Be very careful if someone ever tries

to hand you a key.

Because when eScrip receipts turn up missing,

and you point it out,

They will be mean to your child–

as mean as they can be.


They will have the 8th grade celebration

and  purposely  leave her out.

They will go on science field trips,

she’ll be told she can’t go–

because of something I said, no doubt.


She will be yelled and berated by the Band teacher,

and Ms Mayer will show movies with women in the nude

and Ms Barnes

will tell you–you are not to question her teaching


you better not intrude.


That key will change your perception

of what a parent is to do,

When the cafeteria manager takes food away from the children

and the monkeys

run the zoo.



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