Crayon blue sky

reminiscent of youth,

with undulating subtexts.

surging into the clouds

of mythology to increase doxology.

With power constrained

by rules of men, riding

fiery chariots over all.

High above, and

we mere mortals,


they  only exist in



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  1. Beautiful words to compliment awesome pictures. Very enjoyable!

  2. amazing imagery, thanks for sharing.

    Happy Potluck!


  3. Wow, how lovely. Thank-you for sharing. : )

  4. I love how yuou took two art forms and combined them perfectly. I think more people should do this! The words by themselves stand strong and powerful, yet the pictures give so much more life to them.

    • Thanks. I’m a visual learner, but also a hands-on learner. Not too many poems create mental pictures for me, with just the descriptors, so I try to make sure the pictures are something I’ve experienced. I don’t want to use images from prompts or google.

  5. Just less the words and yet a powerful thought…love this post !…


  6. Wow. Those are some wonderful sunset images 🙂 And your words intermingle with them quite beautifully Gloria!

    My Poem ~ Vicissitude of thought

  7. Beautiful pictures, the rainbow one in particular well taken and composed imho. Enjoyed the words accompanying them as well — sometimes these awesome clouds does make one think of mythological tales and such.

  8. Summer in Alaska looks very beautiful–that sky is amazing. And lovely words that accompanied the photos beautifully.

  9. I agree with the comments. The words and images are divine. 🙂

    • Thank you. The evening had a surreal quality we don’t get much.

  10. It’s hard to compare pictures with words but you combined both beautifully. Mythology fit well with the clouds.

    • Probably why they say “pie in the sky.”

  11. fiery chariots over all!
    how deep you surging into the cloud….
    wonderful 😀

  12. Loved the poem (nice and concise) and pictures.

  13. Thanks for the read..

  14. Great imagery through words and the photos. Thank you for sharing.

  15. The words are perfect for these awesome cloud formations.

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