“Get on my good side, or get out of my classroom.”

is how a teacher now talks to kids?

Longer class periods.  Just sit and do nothing,

Is what gets reported to home, and

I am ready to flip my lid.

History teacher–puts in lecture videos,

Rewrite Shakespeare, didn’t he do it well enough?

No newsletters, no school improvement plans,

Sounds like to survive this school one must really be tough.

I didn’t get paid much, but

Oh, silly me.

I thought I was hired to do a good job,

Was it wasted effort, was there ever a point?

I don’t know–can anyone ever really see?

Now there is a little school tucked away, but

only white kids tend to be chosen to apply.

Did you qualify– are you good enough?

If parents were told, the school would only repeatedly deny.

The Superintendent says, “We must have cops!”

So really, these schools, you know they can’t be safe.

What message is sent

What errand to run, what is left

behind in that wake?

Effort forward, time always spent

trying to create anew.

Cold, tired and hungry.

Constant energy, only were hopes

to try and create a better view.


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