…the following is brought to you by email…

——– Begin forwarded message ——–

Subject: Sherry S and ASD
Date: 8/25/11 6:04:51 PM
From: “Gloria Hanrahan”
Cc:  comeau_carol@asdk12.org

Hello Sherry,

I am sorry, I could not quite catch your last name on the message machine.

I am not dealing with a law firm unless there is litigation.

I am sorry if there is any confusion.  All of the information I have requested should be available in administrator desk files, electronic conversations, notes and IT information over the past two years, through ASD.  I am sure ASD has the clerical services to copy the information. I sent a check for $999.30 as demanded by Ms Comeau.  I cannot imaging that would even pay for two hours with your firm.

I have had numerous conversations over the past 2.5 year with ASD employees on concerns such as our children being hit by a teacher at Bayshore and Carol Comeau telling my husband and myself that she received my letter about the hitting and chose to ignore it.  We have also spoken (via email) in regards to Ms Comeau’s cover-up of the sexual assault at Rogers Park, where we moved to get away from the abusive staff at Bayshore.  Of course, that negligent teacher was not removed from the classroom and children were not safe in that school, even though people in my community cannot even vote without being recorded by ASD.

We’ve had interesting discussions on the probable embezzlement of PTSA funds by Wendler staff as well as a Wendler teacher being drunk during the school day and putting the children in jeopardy.  The Wendler PTSA was going to bring forward the issue of Title I fraud (with no compacts written) as well as the discrimination of our families of color, but it was shut down before we could gather our families together to see what issues for which parents wanted to advocate, such as the fact that the cafeteria manager routinely took food from the children.  Also, the topic of children not having access to food at East has come up in our community.

I would imagine all the information I have requested should at least be a banker’s box in volume.  The teacher email conversations alone will take up a significant amount of space.  There were numerous emails in regards to the Wendler teacher showing movies with female frontal nudity, as well as the fact that children were ostracized at Wendler if a parent complained.

I will wait until I hear from ASD in regards to the information to be provided, since that is to whom I wrote the check and requested the information.  I have also requested the same information from APD for all of the communication between ASD and APD in regards to myself.  I am waiting to get the police report and tape recording also.

I do find it interesting that during open ASD budget meetings two years ago, my question was how many millions ASD has paid Jermain Dunnagan & Owens over the previous five years.  I could not get a response from the ASD School Board or even after I contacted my Assembly representative.

Thank you for your time.  I do hope you have a good weekend and be sure and get out to the Fair.

Gloria Hanrahan

——– Begin forwarded message ——–
Subject: FW: Sherry S and ASD
Date: 8/25/11 6:13:33 PM
From: “Gloria Hanrahan”
Cc: comeau_carol@asdk12.org

I’m sorry.  I did mean to add that I specifically asked Ms Comeau to show care in the spending of the funds I provided.

When, as a teacher within ASD, I was ordered to falsify special education documents at Whaley for a State audit, ASD had certified teachers inputting data instead of less expensive temps.

A law firm must be very expensive, compared to a clerical person working the copy machine.  Or even the IT staff.

Gloria Hanrahan

——– Begin forwarded message ——–
Subject: attn Sherry
Date: 8/26/11 12:49:00 PM
From: “Gloria Hanrahan”

Hi Sherry,

I did receive your phone message today.  I am sorry to hear that you have been ordered by ASD (whomever that is) not to use emails.  My husband does that billable time thing, and I can’t imagine him allowing a client to dictate to him how to run his business.

I have not engaged your firm.  Please communicate with whomever engaged you.

All of the information I have requested from ASD, such as Carol Comeau cc’ing Mr. Trickey on emails to me last year is available on the ASD server.  Also, the notes ASD Administrators made during any face to face, phone or electronic conversations with your firm will be available through ASD.

I do know that ASD Administrators keep track of all that type of thing through daily work records and desk files.  When parents at Rogers Park met after the sexual assault and were questioning Ms Stewart on ASD’s actions, an ASD administrator stood up, pointed her finger at Ms Stewart and stated, “You know what the attorney told you to say.”  I’m sure Ms Stewart wrote that down somewhere so she could remember.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

From: “Gloria Hanrahan”
To: info@jdolaw.com
Date: 08/27/2011 06:51:34 AKDT
Subject: letters form Jermain Dunnagan & Owens

To Whom It May Concern;

I am not going accept letters from your firm.  I have turned away the letter from the delivery service, and have now put two letters back into the mail-unopened.  I will continue to send back anything sent to my address–unopened.

I see no reason to deal with a firm which I have not engaged. No one from ASD has contacted me in regards to the need for your firm’s involvement.

After being fired from ASD for refusing to falsify documents which brought State and Federal funds into ASD, our family needed to spend our cash savings on major surgery for my husband.  Our family also qualified for reduced lunches last year and will probably qualify again this year.

I certainly cannot afford an attorney and cannot see why ASD is spending tax dollars for this when tax payers are continually told there is not enough money in the district.

It would appear that this is much like when Mr. Owens sat in a due process meeting with my husband and myself and it felt like ASD only had him present to try and intimidate parents.

Gloria Hanrahan

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