I don’t believe in blessings…

granted by  Grace of some god on high.

For someone to say they are blessed


they are more worthy of fortune

than you or I.

When things go well, we like to say

we’re blessed with all we hold.

Those dying, starving, abused, unwanted

a god

doesn’t bless them?

if I may be so bold!

Looking past my dirty window to a

world of pink and gold,

is a wider path,

more divergent lives

those stories which need to be told.

My mom would always say, “There, but for the Grace of god, go I.”

and then would angrily point out my Sin

When I simply asked, “god wasn’t very Graceful,

was he,

when he did all that to them?”

If feeling blessed makes some feel better,

no argument will come from me,

except to say,

Look around, take it all in

and for once,


know it’s time to really see.

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  1. beautiful blessings.


  2. indeed

  3. “The spirit of delight comes in small ways.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

  4. something for me to think about… but everyones story is different…and so many awful things have happened to me.. yet I feel blessed because look where I am…and I wouldn’t be this way without all those awful things I went through.
    I am so much more then all of it… but there was steering along the way.

  5. “those stories which need to be told.”

    i love your heart, friend.

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