Mary, Mary

not always contrary,

Just why did this garden grow?

Did you plant enough seeds

To crowd out the weeds?

The question is…

How can any of us really know?

If you check and look closely

Row upon row

Perfect spacing and timing

Takes just the right knack.

And when it all over, 

when it’s all said and done

will you tell me then,

Just who had your back?

garden, with Grandma and Nancy

Blue Springs, MO

circa 1961

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How Alaskan teens shovel snow

March 14th, 2012

3014 Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska

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Is it time to pass the torch?

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Good morning, good day…

I believe I understand

what you have been trying to say.

It may take time for me

to get it right,

Viewing it in clearness

and extra bright light.

Good Morning, good day

I will work to interpret it

just in your way.

sunshine of 3014 Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska

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A winter sky at night

heavy with secrets untold

drifting, sifting, settling

looking past the shadows

to clarity beyond

to share in warmth

or leave entombed.

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I went on a trip,

did you hear me?

Twists and turns

beginning to learn

did you hear me?

I traversed very far

saw black mountains and stars

starting a trajectory without mar,

did you hear me?

Moving away and having to say

you are breaking my heart,

why did you hear me?

Recharging to go

just taking it slow,

how do you hear me?


moose on Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska


I looked outside

to take a walk and wondered

Will the rain make my hair curl?

I looked outside to take a walk and wondered

Will the cars splash water on me?

I looked outside to take a walk and wondered

Will I slip on the wet leaves?

I looked outside to take a walk and wondered

Will my coat become wet?

I looked outside to take a walk and decided

To find out.



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It’s killing me

to cut them off in full growth.

Prune them back

cut them no slack.

It’s killing me,

To watch them wither with the frost,

I’ll Save some seeds so

All is not lost.

It’s killing me,

just like it did last year.

To prune them back

so they can keep their

secrets and always be near.

Welcome to my space

did I remember

to invite you in?

Wander through,

look about.

Where would you like to begin?

When it started seems so long ago.

Little details…soon forgotten.

 I remember most…

What would you like to know?

Building layers, shrunken down with time.

Speaking softly, speaking loudly

brought together with a simple rhyme.

Welcome to my space.

No seasons change with me.

Reach out, draw me in.

Then to create

what was always meant to be.


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Garden creatures

great and small.

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Crayon blue sky

reminiscent of youth,

with undulating subtexts.

surging into the clouds

of mythology to increase doxology.

With power constrained

by rules of men, riding

fiery chariots over all.

High above, and

we mere mortals,


they  only exist in


When you are a gardener

you are compelled

to plant the seeds.

Churn the earth

bring up to the top,

to meet the poppy’s needs.

If you are a gardener

you know how time will foil,

those best laid plans,

with weathered demands,

growing surprises in the soil.

When you are a gardener,

you know the meaning of time.

You weed, you pick,

you water, you wait,

and hope, again, that all will be fine.

When you are a gardener,

you know right now isn’t it.

But  to work you must,

because in goodness you trust,

others will have shade under which to sit.

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

– Irish Proverb –

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller –

There is no need to look Outside…

because what is needed

has always been

right here…


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A work in progress…

What, you thought I was talking about me?

While I’m certainly not perfect,

my growth has been better than this.

 vegetable garden, first day of summer

Anchorage, Alaska

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I killed the fish

sunk to the bottom of the pitcher,

impatient for me to clean the small tank.

I killed the fish

a small daily burden

Not appreciating her life.

I killed the fish

looking away while the toilet flushed

an ending lacking dignity.

I killed the fish

without a clue of what I did.

Endings are like that.

That is so Cool !!!

He exclaims in a rush,

to see the mama bird

delivering a worm.

Newborn chirping,

as the small house,

becomes a home.

With beaks open to the sky

we watch and wait,

As the hearse pulls into a driveway

across the street and

removes the last vestiges of a spirit.

Maybe it flew away,

to  our tiny birds?



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trickle, gurgle, bump.


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Sounds, calming,

come along,

I said.

Come along.

The birds ate my fairys…

leaving devastation


Hurricane forces,


the secret places

where they stay.

Standing empty now

with no future looking outward.

The silent ones

taken and used.

Is it time to pick up

and go find them again?

To fix that broken part

and make it stronger


next time.

Just there

off to my right.silent and daring

reflections of might.

Only tonight.

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