There are times when I wonder and wait,

What’s going to be the outcome?

What’s going to be my fate?


Predisposition of untruths and lies

Sneaking about with no purpose

A poor job for spies.


I set out an outline of what it could be.

Time honored, then repeated

Was simple for me to see.


Preparation meeting opportunity

Now once and for all.

Just one last time here,

is my final choice, my finishing call.


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I have no gift of patience

now that time in life is short.

I couldn’t see the way ahead

like a ship without a port.

I didn’t want to wait so long

to finally get a clue.

I really expected more from life

and have high expectations of you.

Changes big and small with

confidence turning the key

will open the lock

to where I’ll grow  and bloom

and see the gifts in store for me.



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I wish for

fruit trees

strawberry fields

all you can eat

you pick it

groundsthe dust of hay

the end of a day

you pick it

barnbubbling steam


turning milk into cream

you pick it

kitchenat the end of the day

in the shade from the

sun’s waning rays

I would like to pick it.

porch swingtraces of old

embedded with new

I would like to pick it

fencegiven just a bit more time

if somehow I could really make it mine

I would pick it.

front of house

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you gotta do what you just gotta do.

The viewpoint expressed is always up to you.

Stand tall and don’t waver

while all beats you down.

Give it time

Give it space

For a new door to walk through.

exitsource Google images

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I was looking

lookingbut I just couldn’t see

what the promise of tomorrow

was really meant to be.


I was looking,

holding on to one small place,

if I peaked around corner

I am sure I would

see the face.

villageI could hear the silent whispers

I could see the blacked out words

and when

I stopped looking

iceit disappeared,


quietly waiting

among the firs.

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An Alchemy

of thoughts,

into words,

into deeds,

into interactions,

into consequences,

into unknown,

of new thoughts,

into different words,

into new reactions,


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There is no sanctuary

outside of your mind.

There is no place of peace

the thoughts cannot find.

The walls all have ears.

The sky has its eyes.

Deceptive in silence

withdrawn from our cries.

There is no sanctuary

outside of your mind.

There is no place of peace,

the thoughts cannot find.

I can always change my mind

in response to questions asked.

With little time to satisfy

which focus was the past.

Taking off in one dimension

conduit to right now,

To see the flatness in my life


redirect it with a simple plow.



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There are not two sides to a story

it’s only an excuse, can’t you see?

A way of withholding information, along the lines

of the data tree.

There are not two sides to a story,

for only the weak feel the need to control

to make something flat and two-sided

when it is really a three-dimensional role.

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oh, well.

I thought…

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Mourning for what

isn’t, and never has been.

Looking outward when the pain

is all within.

Mourning for what

didn’t happen, the reasons

never clear.

Mourning moving on when

the time and space

draws near.

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My stomach aches,

My head, it pounds.

I wish to stretch out,

Preferably underground.

Energy depleted,

News has no gain.

But call me later,

When I’m no longer in pain.

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Why would you allow

me to be left holding the bag?

Is there a secret in the bag?

the shopping bag,

scrunched and flattened

worn out and over used…

why would you walk away and

say nothing of the crinkling sound

trying to escape

from the held bag?

What all is really said,

when the bag is finally opened…

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So, what was it

that you needed to learn?

Did it come easily, or

was your mind difficult to turn?

I meant to ask, but

it passed me by.

What was it, I’m asking

and then you can ask me…why.

So, what was it that you needed to learn?

Did you have a good teacher, or

did you feel spurned?

What was it that you needed to learn.

I hope it was all you needed,

when you needed…

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Take a new breath,

air hissing though the

punctures of life,

escaping to create a

dissonance of melody,

A new breath replacing

old with movement out

to allow the necessary


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Even if only


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Too long a solitude

with an empty echo for a refrain

Waiting for an answer,

waiting to begin again.

Too long a solitude,

with no end of the road in sight

only coming and going

in both directions

fills the long and lonely night.

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The Big Picture

doesn’t always matter

when the frames hold secrets still.

Each individual one

speaks silently

waiting for the fill

of fairness, or simple kindness

to walk away the hours,

Each tiny frame

tells its story to the listening flowers.

The Big Picture

isn’t all that makes up what we see.

Those little times

the heartstrings played

though quickly,

makes up what will truly be.


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There is a hole in my heart

and ice cream numbs it

Novocaine available in the dairy isle

Siding up next to sticky buns.

Don’t say I didn’t know,

because I heard, just heard

That for some reason

The short route was the

way to go.

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