It’s killing me

to cut them off in full growth.

Prune them back

cut them no slack.

It’s killing me,

To watch them wither with the frost,

I’ll Save some seeds so

All is not lost.

It’s killing me,

just like it did last year.

To prune them back

so they can keep their

secrets and always be near.

Welcome to my space

did I remember

to invite you in?

Wander through,

look about.

Where would you like to begin?

When it started seems so long ago.

Little details…soon forgotten.

 I remember most…

What would you like to know?

Building layers, shrunken down with time.

Speaking softly, speaking loudly

brought together with a simple rhyme.

Welcome to my space.

No seasons change with me.

Reach out, draw me in.

Then to create

what was always meant to be.

Sunday, at the shoreline.

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Garden creatures

great and small.

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Crayon blue sky

reminiscent of youth,

with undulating subtexts.

surging into the clouds

of mythology to increase doxology.

With power constrained

by rules of men, riding

fiery chariots over all.

High above, and

we mere mortals,


they  only exist in


When you are a gardener

you are compelled

to plant the seeds.

Churn the earth

bring up to the top,

to meet the poppy’s needs.

If you are a gardener

you know how time will foil,

those best laid plans,

with weathered demands,

growing surprises in the soil.

When you are a gardener,

you know the meaning of time.

You weed, you pick,

you water, you wait,

and hope, again, that all will be fine.

When you are a gardener,

you know right now isn’t it.

But  to work you must,

because in goodness you trust,

others will have shade under which to sit.

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

– Irish Proverb –

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller –


through time,

creating layers of safety.

Primordial in its need

to protect.

Maintaining a division

of power

all the while,

reaching out,

while becoming ready to

spread farther.

Kincaid Park sand dunes

Anchorage, Alaska

Cook Inlet

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There is no need to look Outside…

because what is needed

has always been

right here…


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A work in progress…

What, you thought I was talking about me?

While I’m certainly not perfect,

my growth has been better than this.

 vegetable garden, first day of summer

Anchorage, Alaska

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That is so Cool !!!

He exclaims in a rush,

to see the mama bird

delivering a worm.

Newborn chirping,

as the small house,

becomes a home.

With beaks open to the sky

we watch and wait,

As the hearse pulls into a driveway

across the street and

removes the last vestiges of a spirit.

Maybe it flew away,

to  our tiny birds?



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trickle, gurgle, bump.


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Sounds, calming,

come along,

I said.

Come along.

My paradigm defines

a perception of Space and time.

And if time says

I’m not here

Then the Space I have left will soon disappear.

And if time says

Go at it again.

Then the Space will spread out

to Encompass and Befriend.

And if time says

Turn and move this way

Then the Space will provide a

guiding Light


an Insight with which to display.




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I try to pay attention…

but the clue is hard to see.

The difference in the colors, it was

Somehow was lost on me.

I looked a little closer and the red began to show.

I looked away and back again

to bring it in to view.

Then I knew I saw it,

And the color reminded me so very much

Of you…


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I would really like to have them all…

I tell myself I don’t need them all.

I don’t want them all…

and I know that’s not true.

They sputter and splatter

And leave a mess..

Yet…I want them all.

Straining, dripping, filling the compost

They sit and wait for winter freeze

To bring back the smell of cider,

While those we couldn’t reach lie in rot


I wish someone else wanted the same as I.

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Enveloped tonight

with feelings of belonging for

school Open House and

seeing others we know.

Our world begins to disappear with looking closer, to find the edges

which are now blurry to the touch.

Taking on new form.

To transform the familiar and create

new windows of opportunity.

Fall fog on Madison Way

September 14th, 2010

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Someone gave us a gift…

We don’t know who,

Do you?

We were walking along,

Tempted to sing a song.

We remembered to look up!

And look down

To see the special gift we found.

And we left it as we went away.

So that someone else

would also have a gift today.

Bicentennial Park

Homestead trail

Anchorage, Alaska

September 12th, 2010

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The sound of silence

is missing as Fall draws near

“Close the window,” says Keelin. ” It’s noisy.”

So, we shut out the Holiday noise

of leaf blowers, while we wait for our fall to snow from the birch trees in the backyard.  Coming down and nestling

within the last of the blooms while the sun lowers on the horizon

and shines through, bringing them back to life.

While the weed whackers drone, we put those sounds with the plane

right over our heads as we admire the sky which hid from us all summer.

and moves us on toward winter and soft sounds where the snow comes down

and all of our neighbors’ hard work will be covered.  Until they bring out the leaf blower and blow away the beautiful white, silent snow.

roof top garden

September 6th, 2010

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We like to think our life is choices

Giving control where little exists.

We like to think our life is options

Taking others with us upon our trips.

We like to think our life is precious

We are so different from the rest

We like to think our life is always worthwhile

That we have given it our best.

We like to think our life still looms ahead

And hope much more is to come.

We like to think our life is choices

If only others…

Cook Inlet

Anchorage, Alaska

July 23rd, 2010

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it was a fair day…

For going to the Fair.  Skipping some school.

A small state Fair, not prone to provide the thrills others get to see.

But when you were little, it didn’t matter.

Brother and sister now negotiate.

You ride this–I’ll ride that.

and Sharing tickets.

While hanging on against the forces provided.

To spend mightily while staving off the

end of the day and the return to the routine.

Moving on to the next spin doctors

As I stop think that I did not see this until I was just this age.

A Kiddie Land on the highway going into town

shared space with a drive-in movie, showing monsters and shaky sheriffs

next to a swimming pool that chilled even in the 100 degree heat.

being Raised by parents who never experienced a Fair

Life continued much the same

With patterns repeated of

Activities, sights and sounds.

yet, As the rain begins, we move

into the barns to smell animals we can’t identify.

And talk to the turkey, jump when the rooster crows and

admire the softness of the bunnies.

Heading home, feeling slightly sick

A sure sign that it was a Fair day.

Alaska State Fair

Palmer, Alaska

September 1st 2010

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