Eagle Scout

Jack Eagle ScoutJack completed Eagle Scout

with Robert Lane

Troop 5

July 2012

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East Anchorage High School Graduation

May 8, 2012

Sullivan Arena

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How Alaskan teens shovel snow

March 14th, 2012

3014 Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska

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Since when does showing a movie with a nude 15 yo and a nude 17 yo support the mission of the Anchorage School District?

At East High School, that is what is offered to kids in the classroom.

Isn’t it kind of icky that middle-aged men look at teenaged girl’s bare breasts and teenaged boys  totally nude in a movie approved by the East High Curriculum Principal?

This strikes me as  perverted.

Sorry my kids.  I’m going to keep sending letters until I find someone who can tell me how this meets sound educational methodology.

What have I learned from our friend Dr. Suess?

That with a few words

we could All call a truce.


We must say what we mean

and Mean what we say.

This gives us all time

to come together another day.


A jumble of meanings never helps us

speak out.

Those twists and those turns

gives others a chance to pout.


Come with me today

on an adventurous new road.

New markers and paving

makes the journey smoother,

I’m told.


Hanging on by a thread…


the price is right.

but it needs some length.


and since you’re only 14,

let’s cover up a bit more.

All ready!

Where are the emails within ASD?

Sexual attack at Rogers Park Elementary

Have we ever talked about that attack?

Let’s begin.


One day parents were panicked,

the newspaper loaded with the news

Oh, we didn’t want to hear it.

This District is all about the right to choose.


A child had been sexually attacked by another,

in the bathroom,

in a grade school.

Oh dear!


Where did it happen, were our schools really safe?

Oh, it happened somewhere else?

so comforting the threat wasn’t near.


Cover up where it happened,

Ms Comeau needed  to keep a clean space.

Keep it a secret, don’t  tell anyone,

on the orders of the District’s attorney

while speaking directly to our face.


A meeting soon was happening on the orders of the Board,

between us and Ms Comeau

where the atmosphere was charged and holding in overload.

“We shouldn’t have to move from Bayshore to get our kids to a school which is safe.”

All the while Ms Comeau sat there knowing the sexual attack had just happened

in our newly chosen place.


The teacher who didn’t  know where those children were to be

was not removed, and was never named

But, the principal’s head did roll.

the incompetence covered up, so that parents wouldn’t ever really know.


A name which might be recognized and upset the public sport.

accountability, the order is extremely tall,

but we know here in Anchorage

a five-year old

is not as important as winning a season of … football.

Rogers Park Elementary

1400 E Northern Lights Blvd.

Anchorage, Ak

Dear Ms Guess,

I dislike making so many mistakes,

I guess I could blame some else.

I read and don’t see them

with an empty mouth open?

Well, I no longer pass the perfection test.


I use to do better,

before all the stress,

My mind was sharp as a tack.

But now there are blips,

spelling errors and slips,

Like a worn out dress hung back on the rack.

No confidence had I

to throw on heels and dance.

Homecoming, for some

creates a new time to participate with

A welcoming chance.to kick off the heels,

smile at the crowd and

have laughter within your little group.

Those rules for dates no longer needed,

a pretty dress still hits the mark.

Just go, and have a wonderful time

to begin enjoying

that Journey on which you have embarked.


Homecoming, East High

October 1, 2011

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Sunday, at the shoreline.

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I had none until seventh grade.

Time to read, a basket on my bike

Overloaded, making me afraid.


an opening to our world

with unsung possibilities

yet, politicians won’t spend their gold.


Open to everyone they say.




I always want to go,



If grief is like a slough,

then anger is a pair of boots that help you walk though it.

because you can’t ignore it.

You can’t walk around it.

You must walk though it.

And, when Carol Comeau said, “Ben Hardwick has his supporters.”

and Mike says, “Hitler had his supporters, too”

And when Jan Christensen said, “The bar is not high enough to fire him.”

and I said, “My children are not a high enough bar–what will it take?”

So who determines what to grieve?

Trust gone?  Betrayal?  Being told, just told anything

to fill the space that truth will invade if left empty?

Permeate the air with new energy, only to find the same black spirit

pervasive, with no change.

To grieve anew, when lied to, used and with choices denied.

Who should take it upon himself to withhold?  Is that how he would want to be treated?  Or was it the easy way, the learned way, repetition numbing responsibility or ability to reach out.

Playing games on planes of the Universe.

Slapping aside any who say they want to play.

Paid players winning with fouls, refs bought to say the play.

and the commissioner says, go forward, apply constant pressure

But don’t get mad.

I think it is really–don’t let people see you get mad.

Mad, anger, motivation, to apply persistence.

Who could do it day in and day out

in the middle of a Happy Dance?


having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal;
It was a good explanation, given by Jack.
For standing on the side of the road.
Lights flashing
Motorcycles roaring
The hearse moving past and
The family waved.

The funeral procession of someone
More significant than we
To pay our respect to one unknown to us
The town, standing by the road
So that his family would see
That we cared.

motorcade for Sen. Ted Stevens funeral
Benson Blvd. and Drake St.
Anchorage, Alaska
8:20 pm
August 17th, 2010
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