Colors shine

trapped between yours and mine.

Undulating within

to see without.

Statements made,

interpreting art retrograde.

Representing this thought


Order invades,

into a space which was made.

Changing directions

creating a vision

to expand and toss about.

1% for Art, Wendler Middle School

Anchorage, Alaska

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Torn between now and coming

Wanting to learn to

Ignore what’s past.

Living in limbo

Imagining the future.

Grateful for the experience and

Harboring the hope

To soon be free.


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Echos of others

while life goes quickly by us.

Reflections assault

the spirit within for now

to bring forth new contentment.



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to stumble around.

Stumbling blocks to mask the sound of

pennies dropping

water dripping.

the Art of deception


new light creating a path.Different viewpoints

giving different perspectives

and the Art will gain dimension.

To change.

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center

Anchorage, Alaska

April, 2010

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who is

she or I?

coming together and moving apart

to send her on her way

this I cannot do

Until I Know

the care for her will be true.

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Why does it call to me?


I did not grow up with it near.

It speaks loudly.


Drawing me here.

To be on the edge,

Is more

Than I can comprehend.

The waves call out loudly

Over and over again.

Come closer.

Come closer.

They seem to want to say.

I now Know

to keep moving

So They


Pull me away.


San Diego, CA

September 2009


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If patience is a virtue…

Then I am virtue-less

If that is even a word.

I’ll make it one

As I wait

For this.

And wait

For the growth to continue

As the beans know

To curl together

Each, at the same time

and Place.



Now ready for more


That seeing through


Take  time.

To become


And trailing

To become

new Growth


Wait and



Three gifts.

Just because.

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Some things go away and some things come back.

Waiting for summer…  It took a very long time this year.

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