I am looking at a mangled mess

which never quite leaves my mind.

Ashes in place,

residue remaining,

riding upon the surface ignored.

Ground into everlasting nothingness.

I’m looking at a mangled mess…Which never quite leaves my mind,

should I choose to ignore,

never bother to implore

expecting no one to respond.

Moving on

Away from the Fraud,

and demands of time unresolved.

to only find

I am looking at a mangled mess…


April seventh, two thousand and nine.

created some chaos

for which it don’t rhyme.

I tried to figure a dinner at best

Ham and beans

Eggs and Sausage

if they don’t like it, then save it for the rest.

April seventh, two thousand and nine.

Lights, cameras and action

Silence on the set at this time.

Don’t speak it out loud,

for heaven’s sake don’t write it down.

If you know it,

Just show it.

Shut the door, slam it loud.

April seventh, two thousand and nine.

Peeking around the corner,

That vote was really mine.

One vote for Anna.

One vote for Ben.


Everything went KABOOM !

Just lettin’ you see,

We really did know about your sin.

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