Where are the emails within ASD?

Dear Ms Guess,

I dislike making so many mistakes,

I guess I could blame some else.

I read and don’t see them

with an empty mouth open?

Well, I no longer pass the perfection test.


I use to do better,

before all the stress,

My mind was sharp as a tack.

But now there are blips,

spelling errors and slips,

Like a worn out dress hung back on the rack.

I have to wonder

what brought it on.

The whistleblower concept

to release the sound of a different song?


I sang a song, so long ago.

But where ever I turned, people said…

We Don’t Want To Know.


How could they miss him hitting the kids?

Ordering the falsification of records?

They didn’t,

and that’s the problem…

of which Ms Comeau demanded to be hid.


The Code of Ethics, it should mean a great deal.

Ms Comeau didn’t follow them,

and I wrote it down, turned it in, documented it…

for real.


Where did all of those records go?

Those statements,

those emails?

What file 13 in which someone was ordered

in which to throw?


I really think these Anchorage School District leaders

should hold themselves up high,

and pronounce a new beginning

so employees aren’t ordered to lie.


I’m very glad it’s changing,

I wish my cost hadn’t been so high.

when the secrets must be buried deep,

will only rot and come back to haunt

to those to whom it should really reap.



…the following is brought to you by email…

——– Begin forwarded message ——–

Subject: Sherry S and ASD
Date: 8/25/11 6:04:51 PM
From: “Gloria Hanrahan”
Cc:  comeau_carol@asdk12.org

Hello Sherry,

I am sorry, I could not quite catch your last name on the message machine.

I am not dealing with a law firm unless there is litigation.

I am sorry if there is any confusion.  All of the information I have requested should be available in administrator desk files, electronic conversations, notes and IT information over the past two years, through ASD.  I am sure ASD has the clerical services to copy the information. I sent a check for $999.30 as demanded by Ms Comeau.  I cannot imaging that would even pay for two hours with your firm.

I have had numerous conversations over the past 2.5 year with ASD employees on concerns such as our children being hit by a teacher at Bayshore and Carol Comeau telling my husband and myself that she received my letter about the hitting and chose to ignore it.  We have also spoken (via email) in regards to Ms Comeau’s cover-up of the sexual assault at Rogers Park, where we moved to get away from the abusive staff at Bayshore.  Of course, that negligent teacher was not removed from the classroom and children were not safe in that school, even though people in my community cannot even vote without being recorded by ASD.

We’ve had interesting discussions on the probable embezzlement of PTSA funds by Wendler staff as well as a Wendler teacher being drunk during the school day and putting the children in jeopardy.  The Wendler PTSA was going to bring forward the issue of Title I fraud (with no compacts written) as well as the discrimination of our families of color, but it was shut down before we could gather our families together to see what issues for which parents wanted to advocate, such as the fact that the cafeteria manager routinely took food from the children.  Also, the topic of children not having access to food at East has come up in our community.

I would imagine all the information I have requested should at least be a banker’s box in volume.  The teacher email conversations alone will take up a significant amount of space.  There were numerous emails in regards to the Wendler teacher showing movies with female frontal nudity, as well as the fact that children were ostracized at Wendler if a parent complained.

I will wait until I hear from ASD in regards to the information to be provided, since that is to whom I wrote the check and requested the information.  I have also requested the same information from APD for all of the communication between ASD and APD in regards to myself.  I am waiting to get the police report and tape recording also.

I do find it interesting that during open ASD budget meetings two years ago, my question was how many millions ASD has paid Jermain Dunnagan & Owens over the previous five years.  I could not get a response from the ASD School Board or even after I contacted my Assembly representative.

Thank you for your time.  I do hope you have a good weekend and be sure and get out to the Fair.

Gloria Hanrahan

——– Begin forwarded message ——–
Subject: FW: Sherry S and ASD
Date: 8/25/11 6:13:33 PM
From: “Gloria Hanrahan”
Cc: comeau_carol@asdk12.org

I’m sorry.  I did mean to add that I specifically asked Ms Comeau to show care in the spending of the funds I provided.

When, as a teacher within ASD, I was ordered to falsify special education documents at Whaley for a State audit, ASD had certified teachers inputting data instead of less expensive temps.

A law firm must be very expensive, compared to a clerical person working the copy machine.  Or even the IT staff.

Gloria Hanrahan

——– Begin forwarded message ——–
Subject: attn Sherry
Date: 8/26/11 12:49:00 PM
From: “Gloria Hanrahan”

Hi Sherry,

I did receive your phone message today.  I am sorry to hear that you have been ordered by ASD (whomever that is) not to use emails.  My husband does that billable time thing, and I can’t imagine him allowing a client to dictate to him how to run his business.

I have not engaged your firm.  Please communicate with whomever engaged you.

All of the information I have requested from ASD, such as Carol Comeau cc’ing Mr. Trickey on emails to me last year is available on the ASD server.  Also, the notes ASD Administrators made during any face to face, phone or electronic conversations with your firm will be available through ASD.

I do know that ASD Administrators keep track of all that type of thing through daily work records and desk files.  When parents at Rogers Park met after the sexual assault and were questioning Ms Stewart on ASD’s actions, an ASD administrator stood up, pointed her finger at Ms Stewart and stated, “You know what the attorney told you to say.”  I’m sure Ms Stewart wrote that down somewhere so she could remember.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

From: “Gloria Hanrahan”
To: info@jdolaw.com
Date: 08/27/2011 06:51:34 AKDT
Subject: letters form Jermain Dunnagan & Owens

To Whom It May Concern;

I am not going accept letters from your firm.  I have turned away the letter from the delivery service, and have now put two letters back into the mail-unopened.  I will continue to send back anything sent to my address–unopened.

I see no reason to deal with a firm which I have not engaged. No one from ASD has contacted me in regards to the need for your firm’s involvement.

After being fired from ASD for refusing to falsify documents which brought State and Federal funds into ASD, our family needed to spend our cash savings on major surgery for my husband.  Our family also qualified for reduced lunches last year and will probably qualify again this year.

I certainly cannot afford an attorney and cannot see why ASD is spending tax dollars for this when tax payers are continually told there is not enough money in the district.

It would appear that this is much like when Mr. Owens sat in a due process meeting with my husband and myself and it felt like ASD only had him present to try and intimidate parents.

Gloria Hanrahan

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I am looking at a mangled mess

which never quite leaves my mind.

Ashes in place,

residue remaining,

riding upon the surface ignored.

Ground into everlasting nothingness.

I’m looking at a mangled mess…Which never quite leaves my mind,

should I choose to ignore,

never bother to implore

expecting no one to respond.

Moving on

Away from the Fraud,

and demands of time unresolved.

to only find

I am looking at a mangled mess…

Dear Mayor Sullivan,

I stood on a sidewalk across from Bayshore Elementary with a picket sign.  I was protesting the lack of response by Ben Hardwick, the school principal.  Harvey Christie, a teacher at Bayshore was hitting the kids in my daughter’s classroom.  And, the Anchorage School District was covering it up.

When we moved to Rogers Park to get away from the abusive adults at Bayshore, there was a sexual attack at that school.  The negligent teacher was not removed and it was covered up by the Anchorage School District.

Limiting free speech scares me, because people in power will abuse any law for their own gain.

Carol Comeau stated that she received my letter the children were being hit and she chose to ignore it.  I was harassed daily on my job, as a teacher within the Anchorage School District, after I stood with the picket sign.

People like Ms Comeau will use a new law limiting how people can use a public sidewalk to silence those she wants quiet.

We all need to hear what people have to say.  We may learn something very important.


Gloria Hanrahan

When you are a gardener

you are compelled

to plant the seeds.

Churn the earth

bring up to the top,

to meet the poppy’s needs.

If you are a gardener

you know how time will foil,

those best laid plans,

with weathered demands,

growing surprises in the soil.

When you are a gardener,

you know the meaning of time.

You weed, you pick,

you water, you wait,

and hope, again, that all will be fine.

When you are a gardener,

you know right now isn’t it.

But  to work you must,

because in goodness you trust,

others will have shade under which to sit.

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

– Irish Proverb –

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller –

To Whom It May Concern,


of a reechoed sound

long hanging in the air

or in the ground.

Seeds planted,

leaving a lasting round



sources not to be found.


Never leaving, going nowhere



continue to surround

Come down to the sound

to the smallest degree

Come down

and feel the

Reverberations with me.

If you chose to hide

them now,

Remember and know


never leave,


take on the life of a lie,

and continue

to grow.

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery

Anchorage, Alaska

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Dear Jack, Kim and Keelin,

Some day I will be gone and there are a few things which I hope you remember.

Today the police came and said that if I emailed the Anchorage School District again, I would be arrested.  The officers were nice, but they didn’t want any information.  And that’s a shame, because I must continue to speak.  I must.

When Kim was crying and twitching and tapping and a total emotional mess, I still had faith in a system for whom I worked.  I had a faith, which was destroyed by Carol Comeau, the very top leader of the Anchorage School District.  When she sat across from you Dad and myself and said she got my letter about the kids being hit and chose to ignore it–well, as a mom, I knew I could never protect you in school.

No mom should ever feel that way.  I tried to protect you and I failed.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t do a good job as a mother.

We met some really nice people at Rogers Park after we moved from Bayshore to get away from a teacher who hit children and a principal who knew it was happening and hid the mistreatment.  But again, a teacher at Rogers Park was negligent and  children were hurt.  Again, the Anchorage School District covered up an incompetent teacher so that parents wouldn’t know.  I am grateful that Keelin had a different teacher for kindergarten.

But Kim didn’t tell me that her 4th grade teacher was scaring and intimidating the kids.  I ‘m sure I would have just blown apart to known, once again, I couldn’t protect my kids.  Talking with several other parents, I now know that their concerns were taken all the way to the Superintendent’s office and Carol Comeau did not respond.

I am so sorry to ever allowed you to be with people who are mean to children.  This information has been hidden from us, and now I do try to pull you out of any classroom where the teacher’s behavior is a concern.  And there are many of them.

I don’t understand why someone would take food away from children, but that’s what the cafeteria manager did at Wendler.  I’m sorry you couldn’t get lunch that day, Kim.

I’m sorry Kim, that you had to sit in a room with a teacher would punish an entire class for a couple of children misbehaving, but that’s what your Math teacher at Wendler did.

I don’t understand why people would steal money from a PTA or Pennies for Patients, but that’s what I believe staff at Wendler did.

I’m sorry, both Jack and Kim, that you sat through classes with the Wendler PE teachers and they only graded you on how many laps you ran, while they sat around.  I didn’t know then, but after talking with you both, as well as other parents, I know the PE teachers have bullied kids at Wendler for years.

I am sorry Jack that the Student Government at East plans the prom and pep assemblies instead of giving kids a real opportunity to participate in students governing themselves and speaking out for issues that are important to the students.

I’m sorry Jack that you have had to sit with a Social Studies teacher who only put in videos of college lectures and a Math teacher who played the “teacher pet” game and didn’t assist other kids.

I’m sorry Kim that you ended up with a Cosmetology  teacher at King Career Center  that had so little to offer you, that you read library books during class in order to keep yourself occupied.  Or that she told you it was OK to sleep during class as long as you did it on the massage table so no one would know.  I know how much you were looking forward to this class and what a disappointment it has been.

I’m sorry Jack that you have written the Anchorage School Board members for the past six months and they will not respond to you.  Please know that their behavior is a reflection on them–not you.

The Anchorage Police Department says that if I speak out by email again, I will be arrested on criminal charges.  I must speak out.  An email to ASD is not important to me, but I must speak out that children continue to be hurt.  That teachers within ASD have mistreated kids and Carol Comeau knows, but will not use her power to make things better.

I want you all to know you may walk away from any classroom, any teacher, any administrator and come home.  I want you to always maintain your own power.  No one in the Anchorage School District has the power to mistreat you, even if they try.  You always have the power to walk out of any situation and I will be right there to get you.

I will continue to speak out–how I do it doesn’t really matter.   Someone has to be loudest.  I didn’t really want the job, but at this point I volunteered, so I’ll finish for however long it takes.  The cover-ups of abuse within the Anchorage School District is not acceptable.  I beleve Carol Comeau will continue to try and make me be quiet.  I want you to know that each and every one of you is too precious for me to ever be quiet.

Love, Mom

What was the point, really?

There was never a way to make it right.

The meeting was taped, the tape transcribed.

And when I said, “We shouldn’t have to move to get our kids to a safe school.”

Carol Comeau knew that we had put our children into the very school where a sexual attack had happened only a few days before.  And she knew that parents in Rogers Park Elementary were never going to be openly told that it was at that school.  And that the negligent teacher would not be removed from a classroom.

And our children are not safe in any school, due to the cover-ups of abuse by Anchorage School District employees.

December 15, 2003 and it’s already the second complaint about Ben Hardwick

and here is what I attached to the form.  And the response from ASD was pure BS.

And when questioned about the teacher who would dump the student’s desks on the floor, Carol Comeau stated it was just a misunderstanding–that the teacher sat on a corner of the desk and it tipped over.  Jack said, “So, she says I’m lying.”  Yup, that what the woman basically said.  And my child has always known that Carol Comeau will hide the behavior of adults rather than protect children.

So, sue me.

The Municipal Ombudsman’s office did not respond to concerns of child safety at Bayshore Elementary

and I just could not understand why people all got the same letter…and…not…one…person…responded…

So, here’s the rest of it—months before it got sent to the School Board.

Now, did they get it?  Well, yes.  After another parent spoke about the same concerns and could not get a response from the Ombudsman’s office, Mike made sure it went again.

But we still never got a response.

You just gotta love certified mail…

To which, not a single one of them responded.  Not. A. Single. One.

If grief is like a slough,

then anger is a pair of boots that help you walk though it.

because you can’t ignore it.

You can’t walk around it.

You must walk though it.

And, when Carol Comeau said, “Ben Hardwick has his supporters.”

and Mike says, “Hitler had his supporters, too”

And when Jan Christensen said, “The bar is not high enough to fire him.”

and I said, “My children are not a high enough bar–what will it take?”

So who determines what to grieve?

Trust gone?  Betrayal?  Being told, just told anything

to fill the space that truth will invade if left empty?

Permeate the air with new energy, only to find the same black spirit

pervasive, with no change.

To grieve anew, when lied to, used and with choices denied.

Who should take it upon himself to withhold?  Is that how he would want to be treated?  Or was it the easy way, the learned way, repetition numbing responsibility or ability to reach out.

Playing games on planes of the Universe.

Slapping aside any who say they want to play.

Paid players winning with fouls, refs bought to say the play.

and the commissioner says, go forward, apply constant pressure

But don’t get mad.

I think it is really–don’t let people see you get mad.

Mad, anger, motivation, to apply persistence.

Who could do it day in and day out

in the middle of a Happy Dance?

Prehistoric resemblance




Terrain charted and unrelenting

In passages forward

while going nowhere.

Unmoving with directives unchanged.

Small changes would make the

biggest differences,


Remaining a dinosaur

is all she knows

How to be.


Anchorage museum

Mastodon exhibit

The Law of Unintended Consequences

I did not know he was hitting the students.

the Anchorage School District did not want us to know.

A brave mother stood up beside me, opened my ears

And told me it was so.


He hit them on the head

then he grabbed them by the neck

And when that didn’t create enough fear

He’d give them a hard squeeze and a shake.


The Superintendent told me,

“You are not a mother, you are a teacher.”

and no matter how I tried or what I said,

there was just no way to begin to reach her.


The law of the Great Land said that I could

It said I had the right to take action to stand where I stood.

It said, I could do all and the same,

only, I didn’t know

the Law of Unintended Consequences was the name of Her game.


it Becomes live and let live?


I do not care

about the color of her old gray hair

Or to which charity they choose to give.


Became an easy road

With justification to lack of share.


You didn’t mean that

and staying quiet reflected you didn’t  care.


allows the injured

No recourse for the pain


Someone knows this Leader,

she has so much to gain.


Says, “I’m as guilty as those,

who do the acts unjust.”


there are others speaking up

In which to form a trust.

And they have been Silenced…

There once was a classroom…

where a little girl did not want to go.

And day in and day out, she cried.

So, the teacher, Harvy Christie,  ignored the mom.

The principal, Ben Hardwick, said, “you’ll just have to come observe.”

Another teacher, Ms Jolin, said, “I’ll listen to a parent if it’s a valid concern.”

And the Superintendent, Carol Comeau,  said, “Yes, I got your letter about the children being hit by the teacher, and I chose to ignore it.”

And  Powerlessness became Real.

The mom wanted to hit the teacher but she would be arrested with a Felony.

The teacher knew he could hit the children.

And good people stood by and said, “It’s easier not to believe this.  If I believe this I will have to do something.  What would we do?”

No one takes responsibility.  No one makes it right.


the mom said, “I’ll just go to 9 PTA meetings.”

Just nine.

and she learns that there are people all over the World who say,

“We know what to do !”

“Let us teach you.”

And they did.

But the Superintendent got very scared, because…

What if…

Parents learn they have rights ??

Grandparents learn they can be valued ??

Aunts and Uncles learn that schools are for everyone ??


The Community learns there is





conflicts of interest,

collusion, and graft ??

I ask you,

What would someone do…

To make sure the


do not become



“She didn’t fear anyone enough to lie to him.”

A quote by Maya Angelou

in hallelujah! The Welcome Table.

When Order is maintained though fear,

The natural consequence

is for people to spend energy;

Removing suspicion,

Redirecting inquiry,

Covering up the impotence


Having no Power.

When Order is maintained through;

Welcoming others,

Communicating with each other,

Supporting each other,

Speaking up for each other,


Collaborating together

There is no Need for fear or lying



is where

It belongs.


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