The Big Picture

doesn’t always matter

when the frames hold secrets still.

Each individual one

speaks silently

waiting for the fill

of fairness, or simple kindness

to walk away the hours,

Each tiny frame

tells its story to the listening flowers.

The Big Picture

isn’t all that makes up what we see.

Those little times

the heartstrings played

though quickly,

makes up what will truly be.


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The Whys…

Do people forget that my child is not their child?


Do people not take the time to know from where my child comes?


Do people think this child is separate from me when he walks through a door?


Do people not reach out to meet and know us?


If I reached out first, do people turn away?


When I ask, do you not answer?


Do you answer but I cannot yet understand?


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Say What You Need to Say

She says I have it wrong…

But they’ve been that way

For ever so long.

I’ve had them there

And they’ve been wrong all along.

The colors reminding me of such a happy face.

I didn’t see until just now when you said,

“That house is on its side,

Like it’s going to bed.”

I don’t think I’ll change it

since I’m fond of the look

And some day when she’s famous

We’ll make it the cover of her book.


(Kim’s 1st grade paintings, 2003)

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What if…

I sacrifice the blooms for which I have waited all summer

and let them litter the roof?

What if

I divest the pots of their living creatures

and get them ready for new soil ?

What if

they are allowed to remain in dormancy

and pretend they still live?

What if

while admiring the bits and pieces of what is left

I am startled out of my peace?

What if

I again see the quickening of the flames

And hear popping noise of the invader alone upstairs

What if

his mark is always on my soul?

What if

we don’t sacrifice enough

and time stands still?

bedroom fire March 22nd, 2010

rooftop garden September 8th, 2010

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