of a reechoed sound

long hanging in the air

or in the ground.

Seeds planted,

leaving a lasting round



sources not to be found.


Never leaving, going nowhere



continue to surround

Come down to the sound

to the smallest degree

Come down

and feel the

Reverberations with me.

If you chose to hide

them now,

Remember and know


never leave,


take on the life of a lie,

and continue

to grow.

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery

Anchorage, Alaska

Friday, July 15th, 2011


The Law of Unintended Consequences

I did not know he was hitting the students.

the Anchorage School District did not want us to know.

A brave mother stood up beside me, opened my ears

And told me it was so.


He hit them on the head

then he grabbed them by the neck

And when that didn’t create enough fear

He’d give them a hard squeeze and a shake.


The Superintendent told me,

“You are not a mother, you are a teacher.”

and no matter how I tried or what I said,

there was just no way to begin to reach her.


The law of the Great Land said that I could

It said I had the right to take action to stand where I stood.

It said, I could do all and the same,

only, I didn’t know

the Law of Unintended Consequences was the name of Her game.


it Becomes live and let live?


I do not care

about the color of her old gray hair

Or to which charity they choose to give.


Became an easy road

With justification to lack of share.


You didn’t mean that

and staying quiet reflected you didn’t  care.


allows the injured

No recourse for the pain


Someone knows this Leader,

she has so much to gain.


Says, “I’m as guilty as those,

who do the acts unjust.”


there are others speaking up

In which to form a trust.

And they have been Silenced…

Who saw her…

I did.

Not the teachers,

loving her quietness so they could quickly pass her by .

Who saw her…

I did.

Not those who knew what she would like

And made no effort to give her the opportunity.

Who saw her…

I did.

Because she is always

A Part of ME.

and what was done to her…

Was Really Done




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