Dear Mayor Sullivan,

I stood on a sidewalk across from Bayshore Elementary with a picket sign.  I was protesting the lack of response by Ben Hardwick, the school principal.  Harvey Christie, a teacher at Bayshore was hitting the kids in my daughter’s classroom.  And, the Anchorage School District was covering it up.

When we moved to Rogers Park to get away from the abusive adults at Bayshore, there was a sexual attack at that school.  The negligent teacher was not removed and it was covered up by the Anchorage School District.

Limiting free speech scares me, because people in power will abuse any law for their own gain.

Carol Comeau stated that she received my letter the children were being hit and she chose to ignore it.  I was harassed daily on my job, as a teacher within the Anchorage School District, after I stood with the picket sign.

People like Ms Comeau will use a new law limiting how people can use a public sidewalk to silence those she wants quiet.

We all need to hear what people have to say.  We may learn something very important.


Gloria Hanrahan


You don’t like what I said?

Then just bite me.

You don’t like that I heard what you said?

Then just bite me.

You don’t like what I do?

Then just bite me.

And as you eat away,

trying to gnaw to bone,

Choking on the flavor of truth,

Just remember.

No matter how often you

Bite me.

I lose





art from the children’s section of the

Loussac Library

Anchorage, Alaska

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