We like to think our life is choices

Giving control where little exists.

We like to think our life is options

Taking others with us upon our trips.

We like to think our life is precious

We are so different from the rest

We like to think our life is always worthwhile

That we have given it our best.

We like to think our life still looms ahead

And hope much more is to come.

We like to think our life is choices

If only others…

Cook Inlet

Anchorage, Alaska

July 23rd, 2010

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Papers to sign…

on these first days of school.

Promises that you won’t sue anyone, even if :

and yet

does not hold my professional peers accountable

for their actions.

This clutter of words which mars the learning landscape.

This clutter of words, which hinders









And, mostly, sometimes takes away

The fun.

Twin Falls, Idaho

September 2009

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Basic Egg Bread

Adaptable for regular bread or rolls, cinnamon rolls or monkey bread.

In large mixer bowl, put one package yeast and 1/4 cup warm water. Let sit for 10 min. or so.


1 and 1/4 cups warm milk ( I use powdered)

1/3 cup melted butter

1/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

3 cups of flour

Mix with one dough beater for three minutes.

By HAND, add in an additional 2 cups of flour to form a stiff dough.

Knead on floured surface for 6-8 minutes, until smooth and elastic

adding additional flour as needed.

Let rise in greased bowl until doubled.

(cover with a linen dishcloth and put on griddle with standing pilot light)

Turn onto floured surface and punch down.

Either roll into balls and put in pan with caramel,

divide into two portions and roll out,

put cinnamon and brown sugar, then roll like a jelly roll.

slice for cinnamon rolls or tuck ends under and

bake for cinnamon bread.

Let rise again and then bake at

350 for 25 min or until browned.

Simple icing is butter, powdered sugar and a bit of milk.

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I created perfection…once…

So, ppl, if the house is on fire

Grab the suitcase !!!

I could see it in

My mind’s little eye.

And ppl said, “I don’t think so.”

It just needed a bit more work.

And ppl said, “I don’t think so.”

With ribbon woven

And pearls holding it fast.

I knew it would be…

Just perfect…

Even if only for just once

In my past.

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