Junior Prom


Kim and Ian
East High School Prom
May 3, 2014
Anchorage, Alaska

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East Anchorage High School Graduation

May 8, 2012

Sullivan Arena

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Since when does showing a movie with a nude 15 yo and a nude 17 yo support the mission of the Anchorage School District?

At East High School, that is what is offered to kids in the classroom.

Isn’t it kind of icky that middle-aged men look at teenaged girl’s bare breasts and teenaged boys  totally nude in a movie approved by the East High Curriculum Principal?

This strikes me as  perverted.

Sorry my kids.  I’m going to keep sending letters until I find someone who can tell me how this meets sound educational methodology.

Hanging on by a thread…


the price is right.

but it needs some length.


and since you’re only 14,

let’s cover up a bit more.

All ready!

Where are the emails within ASD?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“Short tree.”

you say.

Falling down

Getting up,

All on the way…

you say.

If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,

what part about you

is just the same as me?

I can’t really tell

since over the years

you have become

such a tall tree.


Jack, Senior pictures 2011-2012

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No confidence had I

to throw on heels and dance.

Homecoming, for some

creates a new time to participate with

A welcoming chance.to kick off the heels,

smile at the crowd and

have laughter within your little group.

Those rules for dates no longer needed,

a pretty dress still hits the mark.

Just go, and have a wonderful time

to begin enjoying

that Journey on which you have embarked.


Homecoming, East High

October 1, 2011

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on the first day of school

from preschool

’til now

each year showing more gray hair,

longer legs

time closer to being

out that door!

August 16th, 2011

“Get on my good side, or get out of my classroom.”

is how a teacher now talks to kids?

Longer class periods.  Just sit and do nothing,

Is what gets reported to home, and

I am ready to flip my lid.

History teacher–puts in lecture videos,

Rewrite Shakespeare, didn’t he do it well enough?

No newsletters, no school improvement plans,

Sounds like to survive this school one must really be tough.

I didn’t get paid much, but

Oh, silly me.

I thought I was hired to do a good job,

Was it wasted effort, was there ever a point?

I don’t know–can anyone ever really see?

Now there is a little school tucked away, but

only white kids tend to be chosen to apply.

Did you qualify– are you good enough?

If parents were told, the school would only repeatedly deny.

The Superintendent says, “We must have cops!”

So really, these schools, you know they can’t be safe.

What message is sent

What errand to run, what is left

behind in that wake?

Effort forward, time always spent

trying to create anew.

Cold, tired and hungry.

Constant energy, only were hopes

to try and create a better view.

Just how long does it take?


When you are a gardener

you are compelled

to plant the seeds.

Churn the earth

bring up to the top,

to meet the poppy’s needs.

If you are a gardener

you know how time will foil,

those best laid plans,

with weathered demands,

growing surprises in the soil.

When you are a gardener,

you know the meaning of time.

You weed, you pick,

you water, you wait,

and hope, again, that all will be fine.

When you are a gardener,

you know right now isn’t it.

But  to work you must,

because in goodness you trust,

others will have shade under which to sit.

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

– Irish Proverb –

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller –

Dear Jack, Kim and Keelin,

Some day I will be gone and there are a few things which I hope you remember.

Today the police came and said that if I emailed the Anchorage School District again, I would be arrested.  The officers were nice, but they didn’t want any information.  And that’s a shame, because I must continue to speak.  I must.

When Kim was crying and twitching and tapping and a total emotional mess, I still had faith in a system for whom I worked.  I had a faith, which was destroyed by Carol Comeau, the very top leader of the Anchorage School District.  When she sat across from you Dad and myself and said she got my letter about the kids being hit and chose to ignore it–well, as a mom, I knew I could never protect you in school.

No mom should ever feel that way.  I tried to protect you and I failed.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t do a good job as a mother.

We met some really nice people at Rogers Park after we moved from Bayshore to get away from a teacher who hit children and a principal who knew it was happening and hid the mistreatment.  But again, a teacher at Rogers Park was negligent and  children were hurt.  Again, the Anchorage School District covered up an incompetent teacher so that parents wouldn’t know.  I am grateful that Keelin had a different teacher for kindergarten.

But Kim didn’t tell me that her 4th grade teacher was scaring and intimidating the kids.  I ‘m sure I would have just blown apart to known, once again, I couldn’t protect my kids.  Talking with several other parents, I now know that their concerns were taken all the way to the Superintendent’s office and Carol Comeau did not respond.

I am so sorry to ever allowed you to be with people who are mean to children.  This information has been hidden from us, and now I do try to pull you out of any classroom where the teacher’s behavior is a concern.  And there are many of them.

I don’t understand why someone would take food away from children, but that’s what the cafeteria manager did at Wendler.  I’m sorry you couldn’t get lunch that day, Kim.

I’m sorry Kim, that you had to sit in a room with a teacher would punish an entire class for a couple of children misbehaving, but that’s what your Math teacher at Wendler did.

I don’t understand why people would steal money from a PTA or Pennies for Patients, but that’s what I believe staff at Wendler did.

I’m sorry, both Jack and Kim, that you sat through classes with the Wendler PE teachers and they only graded you on how many laps you ran, while they sat around.  I didn’t know then, but after talking with you both, as well as other parents, I know the PE teachers have bullied kids at Wendler for years.

I am sorry Jack that the Student Government at East plans the prom and pep assemblies instead of giving kids a real opportunity to participate in students governing themselves and speaking out for issues that are important to the students.

I’m sorry Jack that you have had to sit with a Social Studies teacher who only put in videos of college lectures and a Math teacher who played the “teacher pet” game and didn’t assist other kids.

I’m sorry Kim that you ended up with a Cosmetology  teacher at King Career Center  that had so little to offer you, that you read library books during class in order to keep yourself occupied.  Or that she told you it was OK to sleep during class as long as you did it on the massage table so no one would know.  I know how much you were looking forward to this class and what a disappointment it has been.

I’m sorry Jack that you have written the Anchorage School Board members for the past six months and they will not respond to you.  Please know that their behavior is a reflection on them–not you.

The Anchorage Police Department says that if I speak out by email again, I will be arrested on criminal charges.  I must speak out.  An email to ASD is not important to me, but I must speak out that children continue to be hurt.  That teachers within ASD have mistreated kids and Carol Comeau knows, but will not use her power to make things better.

I want you all to know you may walk away from any classroom, any teacher, any administrator and come home.  I want you to always maintain your own power.  No one in the Anchorage School District has the power to mistreat you, even if they try.  You always have the power to walk out of any situation and I will be right there to get you.

I will continue to speak out–how I do it doesn’t really matter.   Someone has to be loudest.  I didn’t really want the job, but at this point I volunteered, so I’ll finish for however long it takes.  The cover-ups of abuse within the Anchorage School District is not acceptable.  I beleve Carol Comeau will continue to try and make me be quiet.  I want you to know that each and every one of you is too precious for me to ever be quiet.

Love, Mom

Civil Disobedience


















Wendler Middle School choir

Home of the RAMS !!

Anchorage, Alaska

November 7th, 2010


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