You are sleeping your life away,

my father would always say


being there while I traveled in my time.

Of  darkness, upon waiting.

To  enter the dimension only as others

begin leaving.

To remain for,


the playground of spirit

while energy swirls beneath

the ruffles on my gown.

Passing back through the soft light

of the cotton shades

to reenter.

Do you think if no one sees you

it matters not what you do?

Do you think if no one sees you

no energy is spent influencing a few?

The here and now,

the intent of all

is what sends us on our way.

The intention of what you meant to do

is what is lives on

lasting, past today.

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rise table rise

as it levitates on end.

No one to know

just how or just when

levitation and energy

of my childhood would begin.

Rise table rise

with women surrounding,

rise table rise

…was ritual created not to end.

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