The moon peers down

through a cobweb of branches

with a hazy look

a harbinger of things to come.

As the smoke swirls round

like a damp mist of suspense

to remind me

the parts are less than the sum.


Silence so loud in its sound

saying much with its speech

to impatiently wait, all alone.

once again

I will have to begin

to crush them under my thumb.

Autumn, 2012

back yard at 3014 Madison Way


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Welcome to my space

did I remember

to invite you in?

Wander through,

look about.

Where would you like to begin?

When it started seems so long ago.

Little details…soon forgotten.

 I remember most…

What would you like to know?

Building layers, shrunken down with time.

Speaking softly, speaking loudly

brought together with a simple rhyme.

Welcome to my space.

No seasons change with me.

Reach out, draw me in.

Then to create

what was always meant to be.

Fly away…

I would really like to go.

I want to go…

Speed up…speed down.

Am I not?

Take away time…

Take away space…

Return me to a comfort place.

A place of caring

A place of rest

Return again,

I want no further test.

Bring it carefree


bring me with it

Or fly away gone

because I always thought


Was meant for me.


Loussac Library Fountain

Anchorage, Alaska

October 6th, 2010


and One Shot Wednesday

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I try to pay attention…

but the clue is hard to see.

The difference in the colors, it was

Somehow was lost on me.

I looked a little closer and the red began to show.

I looked away and back again

to bring it in to view.

Then I knew I saw it,

And the color reminded me so very much

Of you…


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The wind blew today…

it threatened to take us away

leaves swirling all around

on the ground and flying up.

The wind blew today…

I don’t know if it was good.

it didn’t feel good,

Calling for Fall

bringing out the jackets

the sun low to be seen.

The wind blew today…time will tell us what it means.

(Michael, October 1984)

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I would really like to have them all…

I tell myself I don’t need them all.

I don’t want them all…

and I know that’s not true.

They sputter and splatter

And leave a mess..

Yet…I want them all.

Straining, dripping, filling the compost

They sit and wait for winter freeze

To bring back the smell of cider,

While those we couldn’t reach lie in rot


I wish someone else wanted the same as I.

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Enter Autumn Ferns

As leaves float on boats of green

To lie still again



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Enveloped tonight

with feelings of belonging for

school Open House and

seeing others we know.

Our world begins to disappear with looking closer, to find the edges

which are now blurry to the touch.

Taking on new form.

To transform the familiar and create

new windows of opportunity.

Fall fog on Madison Way

September 14th, 2010

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The sound of silence

is missing as Fall draws near

“Close the window,” says Keelin. ” It’s noisy.”

So, we shut out the Holiday noise

of leaf blowers, while we wait for our fall to snow from the birch trees in the backyard.  Coming down and nestling

within the last of the blooms while the sun lowers on the horizon

and shines through, bringing them back to life.

While the weed whackers drone, we put those sounds with the plane

right over our heads as we admire the sky which hid from us all summer.

and moves us on toward winter and soft sounds where the snow comes down

and all of our neighbors’ hard work will be covered.  Until they bring out the leaf blower and blow away the beautiful white, silent snow.

roof top garden

September 6th, 2010

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