Junior Prom


Kim and Ian
East High School Prom
May 3, 2014
Anchorage, Alaska

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East Anchorage High School Graduation

May 8, 2012

Sullivan Arena

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How Alaskan teens shovel snow

March 14th, 2012

3014 Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska

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Hanging on by a thread…


the price is right.

but it needs some length.


and since you’re only 14,

let’s cover up a bit more.

All ready!

quilt R square…

Pi are round…

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No voice has she…

Looking close,

I think this could be me!

A moment of silence

A thought without speech.

Never forget,

It’s all within your reach.

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No confidence had I

to throw on heels and dance.

Homecoming, for some

creates a new time to participate with

A welcoming chance.to kick off the heels,

smile at the crowd and

have laughter within your little group.

Those rules for dates no longer needed,

a pretty dress still hits the mark.

Just go, and have a wonderful time

to begin enjoying

that Journey on which you have embarked.


Homecoming, East High

October 1, 2011

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Every mother thinks

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

her child is the most beautiful.

We’re just wired that way.

Kimber Lea Hanrahan

May 31st, 1997  3:30 am

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