The moon peers down

through a cobweb of branches

with a hazy look

a harbinger of things to come.

As the smoke swirls round

like a damp mist of suspense

to remind me

the parts are less than the sum.


Silence so loud in its sound

saying much with its speech

to impatiently wait, all alone.

once again

I will have to begin

to crush them under my thumb.

Autumn, 2012

back yard at 3014 Madison Way


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I try to pay attention…

but the clue is hard to see.

The difference in the colors, it was

Somehow was lost on me.

I looked a little closer and the red began to show.

I looked away and back again

to bring it in to view.

Then I knew I saw it,

And the color reminded me so very much

Of you…


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The wind blew today…

it threatened to take us away

leaves swirling all around

on the ground and flying up.

The wind blew today…

I don’t know if it was good.

it didn’t feel good,

Calling for Fall

bringing out the jackets

the sun low to be seen.

The wind blew today…time will tell us what it means.

(Michael, October 1984)

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Enter Autumn Ferns

As leaves float on boats of green

To lie still again



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