I wish for

fruit trees

strawberry fields

all you can eat

you pick it

groundsthe dust of hay

the end of a day

you pick it

barnbubbling steam


turning milk into cream

you pick it

kitchenat the end of the day

in the shade from the

sun’s waning rays

I would like to pick it.

porch swingtraces of old

embedded with new

I would like to pick it

fencegiven just a bit more time

if somehow I could really make it mine

I would pick it.

front of house

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I was looking

lookingbut I just couldn’t see

what the promise of tomorrow

was really meant to be.


I was looking,

holding on to one small place,

if I peaked around corner

I am sure I would

see the face.

villageI could hear the silent whispers

I could see the blacked out words

and when

I stopped looking

iceit disappeared,


quietly waiting

among the firs.

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I see shadows

in the dark of the moon.

Today is no different

The messages don’t appear

for a vision opportune.


I see shadows

in the dark of the moon

When perceptions dim,

and we can’t commune.


I see shadows in

the dark of the moon.

meanings pending,

slyly presented with

the chorus out of tune.

I see shadows

in the dark of the moon.

When the light finally appears

it will be none too soon.





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