December 15, 2003 and it’s already the second complaint about Ben Hardwick

and here is what I attached to the form.  And the response from ASD was pure BS.

And when questioned about the teacher who would dump the student’s desks on the floor, Carol Comeau stated it was just a misunderstanding–that the teacher sat on a corner of the desk and it tipped over.  Jack said, “So, she says I’m lying.”  Yup, that what the woman basically said.  And my child has always known that Carol Comeau will hide the behavior of adults rather than protect children.

So, sue me.



it Becomes live and let live?


I do not care

about the color of her old gray hair

Or to which charity they choose to give.


Became an easy road

With justification to lack of share.


You didn’t mean that

and staying quiet reflected you didn’t  care.


allows the injured

No recourse for the pain


Someone knows this Leader,

she has so much to gain.


Says, “I’m as guilty as those,

who do the acts unjust.”


there are others speaking up

In which to form a trust.

And they have been Silenced…

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