The Whys…

Do people forget that my child is not their child?


Do people not take the time to know from where my child comes?


Do people think this child is separate from me when he walks through a door?


Do people not reach out to meet and know us?


If I reached out first, do people turn away?


When I ask, do you not answer?


Do you answer but I cannot yet understand?


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Fly away…

I would really like to go.

I want to go…

Speed up…speed down.

Am I not?

Take away time…

Take away space…

Return me to a comfort place.

A place of caring

A place of rest

Return again,

I want no further test.

Bring it carefree


bring me with it

Or fly away gone

because I always thought


Was meant for me.


Loussac Library Fountain

Anchorage, Alaska

October 6th, 2010


and One Shot Wednesday

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