There are no deadly sins

or being human would be too hard.

It’s just easier for some

to have a religious list

By which to judge their actions mild.


There are no deadly sins

So bad they can’t be set aside

Or we could never experience life

with the free abandonment

To begin our passions as a child.


There are no deadly sins

Yet there IS one way to live.

You mother told you all along,

And with it, kept you from doing

too much in your life, too wrong.


There are no deadly sins,

which together can’t be fixed.

To live the Golden Rule is needed

To keep those we love safe and

in our Heart with all our garden paths weeded.


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I see shadows

in the dark of the moon.

Today is no different

The messages don’t appear

for a vision opportune.


I see shadows

in the dark of the moon

When perceptions dim,

and we can’t commune.


I see shadows in

the dark of the moon.

meanings pending,

slyly presented with

the chorus out of tune.

I see shadows

in the dark of the moon.

When the light finally appears

it will be none too soon.





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to see around

the next corner

which doesn’t exist.

Bringing me back to my

Circular logic

To see the same thing in a

Different way.



Loussac Library building

Anchorage, Alaska


linking to One Shot Poetry

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Torn between now and coming

Wanting to learn to

Ignore what’s past.

Living in limbo

Imagining the future.

Grateful for the experience and

Harboring the hope

To soon be free.


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The Divide

is a simple line.

foretold in other places.Bringing up the messiness

of the rage on inner faces.


If caring could solve all of those woes

We’d surely keep everything neat.

But the hurt in the hearts

Is felt over again

To sometimes signal retreat.


If the divide was fixed,

What would it take

To create the friendship anew?


If the divide was fixed

How would it look

Could it include more than just a simple few?



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She says I have it wrong…

But they’ve been that way

For ever so long.

I’ve had them there

And they’ve been wrong all along.

The colors reminding me of such a happy face.

I didn’t see until just now when you said,

“That house is on its side,

Like it’s going to bed.”

I don’t think I’ll change it

since I’m fond of the look

And some day when she’s famous

We’ll make it the cover of her book.


(Kim’s 1st grade paintings, 2003)

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I spy…

with my little eye…

Something may not be quite right.

I send in the army, but can’t win the fight.

I send in my mother, but she will only bite.

I spy with my little eye…

I’ll do it some more

because it’s important

to hear what’s behind


loudly closed door.



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Echos of others

while life goes quickly by us.

Reflections assault

the spirit within for now

to bring forth new contentment.



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What do you see…?

When you look at me?

What comes to mind…

Just the sands of time?

What do you see…

a voyeur, you’ll always be?

What do you see?

I’d really rather you just


with me.

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Enter Autumn Ferns

As leaves float on boats of green

To lie still again



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Always create ripples in your life

because the alternatives are:








backyard garden pond

September 11th, 2010

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We like to think our life is choices

Giving control where little exists.

We like to think our life is options

Taking others with us upon our trips.

We like to think our life is precious

We are so different from the rest

We like to think our life is always worthwhile

That we have given it our best.

We like to think our life still looms ahead

And hope much more is to come.

We like to think our life is choices

If only others…

Cook Inlet

Anchorage, Alaska

July 23rd, 2010

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who is

she or I?

coming together and moving apart

to send her on her way

this I cannot do

Until I Know

the care for her will be true.

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Because you are

a kindred spirit–

come–and stand beside me

upon this familiar hill–where the wind sweeps upward from the valley–

and touches us with its cooling fragrance–


and rest for

awhile–and watch the brown grasses gently nodding–and hear the whispered music of the oak leaves–

here upon this hill–we

are close to the things eternal–you and I

close to the essential things–the things of

the spirit–the unseen things

here upon

this peaceful hill–the wind sings softly in the gathering dusk–listen–listen and let your troubled heart–

sing with the wind.

Winston Abbott

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growing Up.


before the Planting is done.


as the Colors of



to provide a Path

through the


of the Unknown.

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was a Welshman.

Taffy was a thief.

Taffy came to my house and

stole a piece of beef.

I went to Taffy’s house.

Taffy wasn’t home.

Taffy came to my house and

stole the marrow bone.

I went to Taffy’s house.

Taffy was in bed.

I picked up the marrow bone and

hit him in the head !!!

(my mom’s idea of a nursery rhyme, so it’s the only one I learned)

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