Junior Prom


Kim and Ian
East High School Prom
May 3, 2014
Anchorage, Alaska

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It’s like first grade all over again, and you’re the shiny new toy. –twilight

  Six invitations to the Junior Prom.

Count ’em.

Six.  and I needed a new dress.

No dress, says the mom.

You have a dress, says the mom.

And she wouldn’t budge.

I got a new dress for the next Christmas Dance

And one for the next Prom, too.

But I didn’t get that other dress,

so of course,

what was a girl to do?

We had just moved and I knew it was my only chance,

to have six invites to a prom

or any other dance.

I thought we might not have the money,

and it took me until now to figure out


she didn’t want me to be the

Shiny New Toy


being the New Girl,

I was.

No Doubt.


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